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Mental health and pharmacology: Emerging pharmacologic treatments (Article Critique Sample)


ReviEw the article; Miranda, R., & Treloar, H. (2016). Emerging pharmacologic treatments for adolescent substance use: challenges and new directions. Current addiction reports, 3(2), 145-156.


Mental health and pharmacology
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Mental health and pharmacology
Miranda, R., & Treloar, H. (2016). Emerging pharmacologic treatments for adolescent substance use: challenges and new directions. Current addiction reports, 3(2), 145-156.
In the article “Emerging pharmacologic treatments for adolescent substance use: challenges and new directions”, Miranda & Treloar provides a review of the scarcity of pharmacotherapy research in treating substance use disorders (SUDs) among the adolescents and evaluate the ways of leveraging the technology and human laboratory paradigms in order to improve the treatment options for the youths. The authors suggest a potential way of improving treatments of substance use disorders through augmenting psychosocial interventions and Pharmacotherapy. According to the authors, adolescents differ substantively from adults with respect to the presentation of symptoms and associated effects of SUDs which is attributable to the neuronal remodeling that takes place in the adolescent stage. The authors also notes that there are no pharmacotherapy medications that are indicated for adolescents and that research using teenagers for controlled trials are scant. Based on this fact, optimizing the treatment of substance use disorders for the youths is achievable through closing the existing gap in the medication development research. The existing psychological interventions for SUDs among the youths have not been quite effective in reducing substance use which is crucial during treatment of SUDs. The medications have proven to be successful in the treatment of various psychiatric illness but are infrequently used for the treatment of adolescent SUDs. According to the authors, the human laboratory paradigms which are sorted into the three-stage addiction phases in which the first stage is binge-intoxication, followed by the withdrawal-negative affect phase and the lat phase is the preoccupation-anticipation stage, can be employed in treating addictive substances. The human laboratory paradigms can be leveraged along with the technological ecological momentary assessment (EMA) to the efficacy of the emerging treatment options substance-related behaviors among the adolescents. In this article, the authors used a sample of 22 adolescent aged 15- 19 years to develop an innovative strategy by combining the human laboratory paradigms and the EMA methods which builds on medications for youths and can be used to test the efficacy of SUDs medications in adolescents.
The article provides a new approach to treating adolescents with substance use disorders. The findings from the article are important developing an effective approach that will lead to successful treatment of persons with concurrent disorders. Additionally, the article provides a w

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