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Critique of a Scholarly Article: A Quantitative Approach (Article Critique Sample)


Write a quantitative critique to a scholarly article.


Critique of a Scholarly Article: A Quantitative Approach
Critique of a Scholarly Article: A Quantitative Approach
Patient care is at the core of nursing responsibilities. In this regard, nursing recognizes that effective patient care is fundamental for quick recovery of the patients. Because of the need to enhance recovery and prevent wastage of resources, most medical institutions are increasingly advocating for home based care. Empirical research ascertains that patients in home environments tend to be more relaxed and hence respond positively to the treatment accorded to them. As home makers, spouses, mothers and nurses, women play an integral role in providing home based are to various patients. The society expects them to provide these services to the ailing persons in their homes. However, they experience various challenges that equally compromise their quality of life and general wellbeing. Women suffering from cardiovascular infections particularly face a host of challenges especially considering that they are terminal patients. It is for this reason that DiGiacomo, Davidson, Zecchin, Lamb, and Daly, (2011) explore the health implications of women who provide home based care while suffering from cardiovascular infections at the same time.
The study under review sought to underscore the effect that care giving has on the cardiovascular health of women suffering from this disease. This was informed by the recognition that just like other women, these also participate actively in care giving. Basically, it cannot be disputed that care giving tasks are complex and involving. Reportedly, most care givers ascertain that they ultimately have poor health too (DiGiacomo et al, 2011). This is attributed to the mental as well as emotional strain that is associated with the practice. Further, relative roles demand immense physical, psychological and financial resources. Comparatively, they are more likely to develop health complications than the rest of the population. In light of this study, inherent difficulties are further exacerbated by the fact that the respective women suffer from cardiac problems. The authors of the study clearly present the main concern du...
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