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Critique An Article That Was Attached Regarding The Use Of Catheter (Article Critique Sample)


The Instructions Were To Critique An Article That Was Attached Regarding The Use Of Catheter


Quantitative Article Critique
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The use of the catheter has been connected with the risks of getting some infections that are related to the urinary tract. Health care providers have been focusing on the issue for a long duration as well as the reimbursement sources in the efforts to establish the best-suited approach to address the issue.
Evaluation of the current literature has been applied to assist in the establishment of the research-based strategies that will be aimed at decreasing the length of time where the catheter undergoes placement. Additionally, the paper has exploited on the effects of the strategies used on the length of time as well as the removal of the catheters, and also the occurrence of the Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI).
The method that was applied in the method of data collection on the issue was the reviewing of the other researches that has been conducted in relation to that particular matter. A thorough evaluation of the issues will mainly focus on the reduction of the duration of the catheter use and the occurrence of the CAUTI. The research methods that were used were reliable and gave information that was reliable and significantly contributed to the success of the study.
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