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Article Review and Critique on Race, Space, and Power (Article Critique Sample)


Article Review on Race, Space, and Power: The Survival Strategies of Working Poor Women

Article Review
The article tests the spatial-entrapment theory which is an ideology to examine the experiences of women, access to employment and their space CITATION Gil98 \l 1033 (Gilbert). The theory demonstrates that women are required to be near their homes. Thus, women are employed near the homes. The author explains women’s experiences and tries to verify whether spatial-entrapment theory can reaffirm the experiences. The work also verifies how personal networks of women are essential to their survival. The author tries to prove the point that spatial-entrapment theory is ineffective as far as colored women are concerned. The main reason for ineffectiveness is that the theory assumes power in mobility. In addition, the theory ignores the overall complexity of respective identities of women. Gilbert argues that power is interconnected and proves in the findings that colored women had more children as well as larger households as compared to White women. The findings also proved that colored women are racially more segregated as compared to White women.
The work examines the relationship between women household work, urban policy and city spatial structures CITATION Mar80 \l 1033 (Markusen). The paper first differentiates between two forms of labor i.e. wage labor production and household reproduction. The author explains that majority of theories ignore this differentiation. The work also proposes a theoretical argument related to the evolution of urban spatial structure. Markusen claims that household reproduction of labor significantly influences the work location and residency of mothers and families. She also claims that gender aids to shape the environments of bother urban and suburban areas. She also argues that men in particular sh...
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