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Quantitative Primary Research Medicine, Nursing Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


critique the article


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There are various types of articles based on the research approach used in the study involved. In this paper, we focus on a primary quantitative article. This is an article generated from quantitative research that uses primary sources of data collection. The paper is a critique of Bliwise et al. (1992)’s article; Prevalence of self-reported poor sleep in a healthy population aged 50–65
The study sought to examine the prevalence of self-reported disturbed sleep in a healthy population of people aged between 50 and 60 years old. The study made use of quantitative primary data and questionnaires were used to collect data. They were administered to a randomized, controlled trial of effects of graded level of activity on cardiovascular functioning. These people were randomly selected in random digital dialing telephone in California (Bliwise et al. 1992). The findings indicated 1.1% self-reported trouble falling asleep for men and 1.2% for women (Bliwise et al. 1992). There was also 4.4% trouble of waking up and falling back to sleep for men while it was 3.3% for women. Hypnotic medical use was reported at 1.6% for men while it was 2.6% for women twice a week(Bliwise et al. 1992). Additionally, the study established that despite the low prevalence of poor sleep, 1/3 of the population reported not getting the sleep they require.

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