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Male Intergenerational Social Ties and Community Informal Social Control (Article Critique Sample)


Read the article and describe the findings in the study in the article. Talk about how these findings impact the administration of criminal justice from the article.
ok talk about what the article is about and describle the findings in it.
The article "Beyond Their Absence: Male Intergenerational Social Ties and Community Informal Social Control Barbara D. Warner1 and Mark T. Berg2"


Article Review
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Article Review
The article entitled male intergenerational social ties and community informal social control has specific objectives to find the discussion. The aim was to examine how to extend adult males connect with the young people in society and the willingness of the community to manage children's well-being and development. After the elevation of survey data methodology from at least 2200 samples in around 64 neighbours, the results are impressive. Moreover, the male intergenerational ties with these young people are vital for survival and form informal or formal control in the norms of societal behaviours. Therefore, the crime rates have reduced in such families' neighbourhoods, and criminal justice administration seems easy. Thus, this paper presents the articles' findings alongside their impact on the administration of criminal justice.
The previous theories within the social understanding have demonstrated how female blockheads' presence weakens managing crimes or justice administration. The justice system is not limited to inappropriate behaviour in a public gathering. The first insight is that whenever a male personality lacks or is absent from a family, the resultant cause is creating deficits in behavioural control administration (Warner $ Berg, 2020). Moreover, many other scholars have postulates the outcomes of men's addiction to society in terms of discipline. The postulation of many sociologists has declared that not all male ties give rise

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