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On-line Ostracism Effects on Children vs. on Adolescents and Adults (Article Critique Sample)


This task was about reading an article by Abrams, D., Weick, M., Thomas, D., Colbe, H., & Franklin, K. M. on On-line ostracism affects children differently from adolescents and adults. British Journal of Developmental Psychology and writing a critique about it. the Topics of the critique were to include: clarity and justification of the research question or goal, adequacy of the sample, possible bias, threats, reliability, and validity.


Article Review: Writing Critique
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Article Review: Writing Critique
Research is essential in any practise field as it guides the decision-making process. Quality research helps policymakers devise and implement the best policy decisions, culminating in significant success. Among the wide variety of measures of research quality, a critique is considered the best method as it shows the strength and reliability of the study. For instance, quality research should follow the fundamental steps of analysis. These include: an introduction with clearly stated objectives and a problem statement; a literature review synthesizing a variety of relevant existing studies; a methodology that clearly and effectively defines the data collection and analysis technique; Data Analysis, which clearly and explicitly defines and explains the results obtained, and lastly, a conclusion and recommendation which summarizes the main findings and offers practical suggestions. Moreover, quality research should have a considerable sample size, be free from possible bias and threats have a high degree of validity and reliability.
The Article
The study: "Online ostracism affects children differently than adolescents and adults" aims to investigate the effects of the internet ostracism on adults, children and adolescents. The authors investigated the responses of children, adults, and adults to inclusion and ostracism using the online video game 'Cyber ball', which contained opposites and same-sex participants. From the investigation, the paper found that ostracism negatively affected four fundamental requirements, including autonomy, belonging, purpose, and self-esteem, as well as the moods of individuals of all age groups. The current paper aims to critically analyze the article by Abrams et al. (2011) by assessing its research question, sample size, the existence of bias, reliability, and validity.
Research Question
A research question is the basis of a study. In other words, a research question serves as the study topic and directs the whole research procedure. Possessing a robust, significant, and distinct research question ensures high-quality research work. In addition, a good research question correctly identifies what one wants to learn and provides the study with a specific focus and objective. An excellent research question is precise, quantifiable, targeted, and achievable. In addition, a research topic must be amenable to inquiry, analytic instead of descriptive, neither too broad nor too restricted, neither too simple nor too complex to address, and amenable to investigation. From the article under consideration, the research question is obvious. It is long enough to indicate the goal of the research to the readers. The topic is: "Online ostracism has diverse

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