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Description Of Organizational Symbol And Business Design (Article Critique Sample)


Description of organizational symbol and BUSINESS design

The differences between the American and the Dutch-French of the film version ‘The Vanishing’
The differences depicted in American and Europeans movie versions are many and varied. No other movie provides in-depth when comparing the differences than ‘The Vanishing’ originally done in Dutch then later redone in America. This write up shows the differences of the two versions.
To start with, the American movie maker, Hollywood made changes in focal point. The focus was changed from one character in the movie to another and then added characters with the aim of making it more systematic. The minor characters in the original version are made major characters in the American version. The effect of this on the original movies is that it changes its dynamics thus ruining its focus and the plot.
Secondly, movie versions made in America usually prioritize action overlooking development of characters and the plot refinement. Compared to the original movie, there is a faster movement of things in American versions with appearance of unmotivated behaviors, unconvincing expression of passion resulting into outcomes which are not important. Trying to understand the director, the remake was majorly trying to make a quicker pace in the American version of the movie. The consequences of movies that prioritize on spectacles rather than plot development usually experience shock, are low on creating suspense which is the exact opposite of the original versions.
Talking about psychology, the American version of ‘The Vanishing’ is not as much of psychological. With the high paced movie, there is little time for characters self-reflection . Another difference depicted is that the American movie versions are easily predictable and conventional compared to the European movies. This is supported by the happy ending depicted and the retribution in the movie ‘The Vanishing’.
The director choice in the original movie and the remake is guided by the audience and target groups. The American population like action packed and highly paced movies compared to their counterparts in Europe. American audience like movie with clear endings each time rooting for heroes. My recommendation would be the original version because just like the European films, it is slow paced focusing more on dialogue while referencing on physiology and philosophy and with little special effects involved.
The better version of the two movies is the Dutch-French version, it is better to watch the original version since sensibilities dialogue of the European versions do not translate well the English speaking audience. Some of existential truth about human nature and condition of the characters are depicted when Barney chloroforms himself to find out how long to regain consciousness, it is also seen when Rita decides not to abandon Jeff who is obsessed with his past, and the subsequent decision of Jeff to give up on unearthing what happened to D...
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