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Business & Marketing
Article Critique
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Overview of Key Parts of the Article it relates to Course Topic (Article Critique Sample)


The assignment involved providing an article review.

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Overview of Key Parts of the Article it relates to Course Topic
The article talks about how Google plans to "contest against Russia’s antitrust ruling on Android." Business Law demands that all companies have a right to compete on an open platform. One of the laws that provide for healthy competition that benefits customers is Antitrust Law. Antitrust law is a group of laws that regulates and guides how companies operate so as to provide for a form of competition that favors the end users of the products. According to the article by the New York Times, the Russia’s competition watchdog stated that Google had broken the antitrust law by demanding pre-installation of particular applications on phones that operated on Android. Google plans to file a petition on the basis that the Russia’s competition watchdog had violated the antitrust Law diminishing Google’s dominant position in the contract between the two companies. The competition watchdog had given Google until December 18 to change its contracts with smartphone companies to align with the ruling. Yandex, which is the competition watchdog, welcomes the petition stating that they had done the right thing by ruling against Google. Yandex goes ahead to advise the European Commission to look into Google’s practices concerning its contracts with Smartphone companies.
The article by the New York Times relates to Antitrust Law, which is one of the course topics. According to the article, Google is planning to file a petition for a ruling that violated its rights as a dominant party in smartphone contract. The company plans to file the petition according to the Antitrust Law. Antitrust Law is defined as a set of federal and state laws that regulate behavior and organization of a company so as to encourage fair competition that aims at benefitting the consumers. Therefore, the article and the course topic relates to that Google’s position according to the Antitrust Law had been violated by the Russia’s watchdog.
Article Critique
The article I chose for the article review highlights the concept of Antitrust Law. The article narrates how Google plans to file a petition against a petition that violated position as a dominant company among smartphone companies. Google argues that its ability to openly compete had been violated by Russia’s competition watchdog. So, I chose the article because it assists to explain the concept of antitrust law. Moreover, the article shows how the antitrust law can even be applied in foreign nations showing ...
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