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Business & Marketing
Article Critique
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Replies Vivi (Article Critique Sample)


A minimum of 4 sources were to be used. I was to respond to two posts/articles in about 130 words for each post with my opinion of their articles. Responses needed to include words such as, “I agree” or “Good idea”. The response had to add to the scholarly dialogue, presenting the reasons for my opinion and supporting documentation cited.

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Replies Vivi
I think that the marketing strategy that eBay has adopted is evidently effective in attracting and retaining customers. I agree that eBay’s strategy to use the eBay bucks to increase sales turnover is highly effective. The number of bids made on items increased significantly since there was an opportunity to "earn $5 in eBay Bucks when you make 5 bids" on different items (Steiner). The strategy is a good idea since it acts as a marketing strategy that emphasizes on product, price, and promotion (Manktelow). Sellers gain significant advantages since their products become available to a larger customer base. In addition, the incentive to receive $5 for every five bids makes products competitive in terms of price. In essence, the consumer determines the price they want to buy a product for through making bids, while the seller benefits from the campaign of their products.
I think that growth and development in an organization can only be realized through modernization, creativity, and perfecting existing processes. I agree that these attributes describe Apple Inc. and its innovation, Apple Pay. The fact that the new application seeks to serve a significantly sensitive niche of conducting business subjects it to a higher degree of scrutiny which is a good thing for business. The idea to use phones as a tool for making payments in not only a good idea but an ingenious one that seeks to reduce the risk of losing funds on the part of consumers. Evidently, "it is easy, secure and private" (Pepitone). This makes it an ideal product for customers who wish to safeguard their financial information. I believe that Apple has integrated a product and m...
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