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Performing Arts: Diving into the Post Modern (Article Sample)


task: Diving into the Post Modern
this sample is based on the evolution of art and art work. it includes, Geography and Art, Noah Purifoy's art and the California Assemblage Artworks, Video Black, and James Luna's Approach to Performance Art. Luna's work and indeed all the readings are very similar in approach to “Traffic 2017: A Collection of Current Student Work” exhibition at the humanities center.


Diving into the Post Modern
Geography and Art
Zelevansky points out the importance of geography in her piece by highlighting the fact that by the 1960’s Los Angeles had already been singled out for the unique trends of art that had originated from the region. Notably this was described as Finish Fetish or simply the L.A. look and it was identifiable by its use of light and space, which was inspired by the Southern California climate and landscape (Stephanie Barron, et al, 294). As such I am of the opinion that geography should be considered in understanding all art and the California art in particular. As if to affirm this point, Stephanie mentions Peter Alexander’s work the “Clouds float within the pure outlines of a ten-inch resin cube” and affirms that its focus is not on a seascape but on an actual part of California (Stephanie Barron, et al, 295).
Noah Purifoy’s art and the California Assemblage Artworks
Noah Purifoy’s assemblage art works was very similar to the California assemblage of the 1960’s and 70’s in the sense that they both used found objects that could easily be bend as inspirations behind their sculptures. Indeed Noah’s first pieces were standalone shiny metal sculptures that encompassed simple materials such as duct tubing (Cándida, 175). The assemblage works in the “Joshua Tree” are also similar to California assemblages because they both conveyed certain messages to the viewers. For instance, “Pressure” and “Untitled” were two of Noah’s pieces that elaborated on the marginalized lifestyle experienced by black people which eventually led to civil rights movements in the 1960’s. The main difference between these two art forms is that assemblages in the “Joshua Tree” were environmental sculptures, as is evident in the fact that they were exhibited in the desert and not in art galleries as was the case with some California assemblages. In the early 1970’s Noah presented a model of a shotgun house inhabited by ten black mannequins, which is visually similar to Lorraine Reynolds sculpture where a figurine inhabits a shoe. However, while Reynolds sculpture alludes to family ties that different art may have, Joshua’s alludes ...
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