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Institutions and Anti-Institutions: Pacific Standard Time Exhibition (Article Sample)


task: Institutions and Anti-Institutions
this sample is on the development of art. it describes art on the basis of Pacific Standard Time Exhibition, Pop Surrealism, Pop Surrealism and Fantasy Realms and Tattooing as an Art Form. the content also highlights the contributions made by both Mexican and African-American artists. they also featured assemblages, photography ceramics and artwork on feminism and its effects


Institutions and Anti-Institutions
Pacific Standard Time Exhibition
Though Los Angeles made little progress in the field of contemporary art in the earlier post war years, it made significant strides within the decades that followed. There were various factors that led to these developments key among them including the aerospace industry, an increase in number of recognised art schools and revolutionary exhibitions, key among them being the Pacific Standard Time exhibition. Its presentations ranged from complex displays of archival documents to modern artwork presentations which both complemented and contradicted each other. The exhibitions not only highlighted the contributions made by both Mexican and African-American artists but they also featured assemblages, photography ceramics and artwork on feminism and its effects. All these changed the way in which art was perceived both nationally and internationally by adding new twist to the art arena such as finish fetish paintings, pop art and illusionistic lighting. The uniqueness from the Pacific Standard Time exhibition came from the fact that more institutions were involved which helped to highlight new areas of art that had little exposure to the art world as new revelations were made.
Pop Surrealism
The terminology Pop Surrealism sources its stylistic roots from the trendy, edgy, hip and self-taught art that was dominant during the early post war years. It was also referred to as “Outsider Art” (Anderson, 2004). In terms of style this type of artwork can be correlated to the assemblage works of Noah Purifoy whose art involved using found objects that could easily be bend as sources of his inspirations. This is because at the initial stages of their development both their s...
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