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Ancestry-inclusive dog genomics challenges popular breed stereotypes (Article Sample)

I was supposed To write a brief summary of the paper, including hypotheses, significance, findings, and discussion. The Number of words should not exceed 300 words. I was prompted to use scientific jargon here, but it must be written in my own words. Furthermore, I was not supposed to use an external source since I was provided with the article to summarize. source..
Ancestry-Inclusive Dog Genomics Challenges Popular Breed Stereotypes Name Institutional Affiliation Course Date Summary: Ancestry-Inclusive Dog Genomics Challenges Popular Breed Stereotypes Morrill et al. use modern breed dogs to investigate how genetics shapes complex temperaments and behavioral traits in the provided article. Unlike 1800s dogs chosen for herding, guarding, and hunting, modern dog breeds, including pet dogs, show behavioral traits founded on the alleged function of the ancestral source population. Modern breed dogs depict the diversity of dogs, including purpose-bred dogs, mixed-breed dogs, purebred dogs, village dogs, as well as working dogs. Therefore, the author argues that the breed ancestry of these modern dogs can predict individual dog behavior and temperament, thus being used as a natural model for genetic discovery. It is perceived that the breed ancestry of modern dog breeds is predictive of behavioral traits since dogs are natural systems for exploring complex trait genetics. Like humans, diversity of dogs has a potential discovery of a natural model for genetics. After surveying owners of 18385 dogs, the author discovered that most behavioral temperaments and traits are heritable even though the behavior varies from one breed to another. It is also discovered that dog breeds provide little value prediction for individuals. Some traits such as responsiveness to commands and direction were found accurate for more heritable breeds. In addition, the research confirmed a genetic e...
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