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Analysis of the Marketing Strategies of Colgate Company (Article Sample)


Part 1: The Current Product and Sustainability Diagnosis.
1. Executive * Short overview of key findings. NOT a selection that just tells me what you did. Tell me what you found and plan to do.
2. Company and Brand Introduction – A brief overview of the company, its capabilities and the product.
3. Table of Contents.
4. Situation Analysis – Macro-Environment analysis, Micro-Environment analysis and SWOT analysis.
5. Market and Marketing Summary – Segments, Target, Current Position. Statement of Value (Market needs being satisfied) and Customer benefits
6. Marketing Mix (4 or 7 depending on product chosen).
Examine the current mix to set out how value is created, communicated and delivered whist using sustainability framework to highlight issues that need to be addressed. For examples, the Product section would include a review of what it is made of, packaging, labelling, product range AND an analysis using sustainability framework to highlight e.g. An LCA (Life Cycle Analysis), and impact of the product and issues diagnosed using the National Sanitation Foundation and Circular Economy.
a) Product (Ideas, goods, services).
b) Price (Including cost of Citizen Customer).
c) Distribution (Channels).
d) Promotion (Communication).
e) Process.
f) People.
g) Physical Evidence.
7. Summary of key sustainability and broader value based issues i.e. what issues must change to product address, ‘Understanding value phase highlight changes required to Creating, Communication and Delivering value.’


Part 1: Colgate company
Executive summary
Colgate-Palmolive Company is one of the biggest global customer items companies serving individuals in over 200 nations. The company delivers, sells, and disperses oral care, individual care, home care, and pet sustenance items and comprises two significant brands – Colgate and Palmolive. Colgate is the leading brand in the verbal consideration section, and Palmolive is a notable brand in the magnificence and individual consideration fragment (Agarwal, 2015). Colgate-Palmolive additionally offers pet nourishment items through Hill's Pet Nutrition, which makes science diet and solution diet pet food sources. The company's central command is arranged in New York City, New York. It follows a firmly characterized methodology to develop pieces of the pie for key items, like toothpaste, toothbrushes, bar and fluid cleansers, antiperspirants/antiperspirants, dishwashing cleaners, family cleaners, texture conditioners, and strength pet food. The company sales have been increasing year, and these include the report from Its financial reporting’s. It indicates that the company had an increase of 23.68%, which made the market's expectation. The revenue to increases by 11.21%, as reported by Bloomberg. The company's leadership has led to the implementation of marketing strategies to improve and increase its sales. Leadership in the company has registered a more significant market share of about 57.8%, increasing.
Company and Brand Introduction
Colgate-Palmolive Company is an American broadened organization that fabricates and appropriates family and business cleaning items, dental and other individual care items, and pet food selling in the United States and more than 200 different nations and regions worldwide world. Central Headquarters are in New York City (Our History & Background Information | Colgate-Palmolive (India), n.d.). The company delivers, sells, and disperses oral care, individual care, home care, and pet sustenance items and comprises two significant brands – Colgate and Palmolive (Agarwal, 2015). Colgate is the leading brand in the verbal consideration section, and Palmolive is a notable brand in the magnificence and individual consideration fragment. William Colgate is the founder who initiated the manufacturing of soap and candles, among others, including starch. The company started in the 1840s and received a significant milestone in the 1900s. It sold its initial toothpaste in tubes, ribbons, and creams(dental) (Our History & Background Information | Colgate-Palmolive (India), n.d.) Palmolive had founded soaps and oils, including palm and olive oil, which later became the world's leading oil seller.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u HYPERLINK \l "_Toc65069956" Part 1: Colgate company PAGEREF _Toc65069956 \h 1Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc65069957 \h 1Company and Brand Introduction PAGEREF _Toc65069958 \h 2Situation analysis PAGEREF _Toc65069959 \h 4Political factors PAGEREF _Toc65069960 \h 7Economic Factors PAGEREF _Toc65069961 \h 7Social influences PAGEREF _Toc65069962 \h 8Technological factors PAGEREF _Toc65069963 \h 8Environmental factors PAGEREF _Toc65069964 \h 8Legislations factors PAGEREF _Toc65069965 \h 9Market and Marketing Summary PAGEREF _Toc65069966 \h 9Promotions PAGEREF _Toc65069967 \h 9Customer loyalty PAGEREF _Toc65069968 \h 9Product range PAGEREF _Toc65069969 \h 9Marketing Mix PAGEREF _Toc65069970 \h 10Product PAGEREF _Toc65069971 \h 10Prices PAGEREF _Toc65069972 \h 10Place and distribution PAGEREF _Toc65069973 \h 10Promotion and advertising strategies PAGEREF _Toc65069974 \h 10Summary of Key sustainability and broader value-based issues PAGEREF _Toc65069975 \h 11References PAGEREF _Toc65069976 \h 13
Situation analysis
SWOT examination is an essential arranging device that Colgate-Palmolive Company chiefs can use to do a firm's situational investigation (Alexander Berger (Author, 2015). It is a valuable procedure to comprehend the current Strengths (S), Weakness (W), Opportunities (O), and Threats (T) Colgate-Palmolive Company are taking a gander at in its present business climate. The Colgate-Palmolive Company is one of its industry's principal organizations (Colgate-Palmolive SWOT Analysis Matrix [step by step] Weighted SWOT, 2019). Colgate-Palmolive Company keeps up its conspicuous situation in the market by basically inspecting and investigating the SWOT examination. SWOT investigation and outstandingly intuitive cycle require possible coordination among different divisions inside the association, for example, – promoting, account, activities, the executive’s data frameworks, and critical arranging (Shabanova et al., 2015).
The SWOT examination is presented as below:
As one of the principal relationships in its industry, Colgate-Palmolive has different characteristics that engage it to thrive in the business community. These characteristics help get the general area in existing business areas and help in entering new business areas. Considering Fern Fort University extensive research – a bit of the quality of Colgate-Palmolive are:
* Highly talented labor force through effective planning and learning programs. Colgate-Palmolive is placing tremendous resources in planning and improving its delegates, achieving a labor force that isn't merely profoundly gifted at this point furthermore convinced to achieve more.
* Automation of exercises conveyed consistency of significant worth to Colgate-Palmolive things and has enabled the association to scale up and cut back subject to the interest conditions keeping watch.
* Highly viable at Go Market methodology for its things.
* Magnificent Performance in New Markets – Colgate-Palmolive has manufactured authority at entering new business areas and achieving them. The improvement has helped the affiliation assemble another revenue source and separate the money-related cycle threat in the business areas it works in a significant degree of customer satisfaction. With its intense customer relationship, the organization's division has ready to accomplish an undeniable degree of customer satisfaction among present customers and excellent brand value among the likely customers.
* Great Returns on Capital Expenditure – Colgate-Palmolive is generally fruitful at executing new undertakings and created significant profits from capital expenditure by building new income streams.
* Fruitful track record of incorporating free firms through consolidations and securing. It has effectively coordinated the number of innovation organizations in the previous few years to smooth out its tasks and assemble a dependable inventory network.
* Reliable Free Cash Flow – Colgate-Palmolive has substantial free cash flows that give assets in the hand of the organization to venture into new tasks
Among the weakness are:
* Monetary organizing isn't done gainfully and adequately. The current resource proportion and liquid resource proportions suggest that the association uses the cash more adequately than what it is doing now.
* Need more prominent interest in new headways. Given the size of the expansion and different geologies the association needs to wander into, Colgate-Palmolive needs to put more trade-out advancement to fuse the cycles regardless of what you look like at it. As of now, the interest in advances isn't at standard with the vision of the association.
* The displaying of the things left an extraordinary arrangement to be needed even though it is an accomplishment to the extent of esteem. However, its arranging and exceptional selling proposal aren't indisputably portrayed, which can provoke attacks in this part from the competitors.
* Restricted achievement outside the focal business – Even Colgate-Palmolive is one of its industry's driving affiliations. It has stood up to challenges in moving to other things pieces with its present culture.
* The advantage proportion and Net Contribution % of Colgate-Palmolive are underneath the typical business.
The opportunities are:
* New environmental policies – The recent changes will make a level battleground for all the business's significant parts.
* Economic uptick and expansion in client spending, following quite a while of the business's downturn and moderate development rate, is a chance for Colgate-Palmolive to catch new clients and increment its piece of the pie.
* Diminishing the expense of transportation due to lower delivery costs can likewise cut down the expense of Colgate-Palmolive's items accordingly, giving a chance to the organization -.
* Lower inflation rate – The low inflation rate gets greater security in the market and empowers credit at lower financing costs to Colgate-Palmolive clients.
* New clients from online channels – Over the previous few years, the organization has put massive cash into the online stage. This speculation has opened a new deal channel for Colgate-Palmolive.
* The new taxation strategy can fundamentally affect working together and open new freedom for set up players like Colgate-Palmolive to build its benefit.
The threats are:
* No ordinary stock of imaginative items – Over the years, the organization has built up various items; however, those are regularly reaction to different players' improvement.
* Extreme rivalry – Stable productivity has expanded the number of significant parts in the business over the most recent two years, which has squeezed benefit and available deals.
* New technologies created by the contender or ma...

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