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Impacts of COVID -19 on minority communities and enterprises in the US (Article Sample)


explain disparities exposed by covid -19 morbidity (and other effects) and its solution among the black americans


Impacts of COVID -19 on minority communities and enterprises in the USA
May 2, 2020.
General society welfare, mainly health, is a critical aspect of any progressive society. Political and economic spheres are highly dependent on the population’s health and determine the level of dynamism being witnessed in these areas. However, different communities have different risk factors to various health problems owing to socio-economic disparities, bio-physiological differences, society welfare, among others, which define the extent of disruption in societies.
A similar trend has been depicted by COVID -19, which shows nonlinearities on the level of impacts across various world populations. In the United States, COVID-19 has showed great disproportionalities by race. African American societies take leads in every aspect of the COVID-19 epidemic, even though it accounts for 13% of the total American population. With death toll nearing 70,000, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that African Americans account for one-third of total deaths while the rate of infection and confirm cases stand at the same level.
Root Cause of COVID-19 Inequalities Among African Diaspora.
With no specific cure or treatment, remedies of COVID -19 explicitly depend on the immunity system of an individual, which is proportional to wellness, health access, and economic niches of an individual, their community, and neighborhood. People of the African American among other minorities have long been subjected to socio-economic prejudice, which either reduced their access to medical care or lacked adequate medical capacities. Neighborhood segregation has resulted in inadequate caregiving to blacks due to a lack of extensive care treatment. As such, it’s evident that some may lack emergency services or deliberately be deprived of search services due to discrimination that makes them lack trust in existing medical services (L. Ebony Boulware, 2003). According to the Public Health report,2003, the African American race showed a greater propensity in distrusting their physician more than their white counterpart with concerns on privacy and fear of harmful experimentation in hospitals (L. Ebony Boulware, 2003). Lack of trust in

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