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Creative Writing About How to Avoid Plumbing Repair Scams (Article Sample)


How to Avoid Plumbing Repair Scams

How to Avoid Plumbing Repair Scams
The good news is that many plumbers will work ethically for their customers. The bad news is that, like all businesses, some plumbers are scammers. Sadly, the work of an unethical few can spoil the reputation of plumbers in general. Even in this digital age, it's still easy for scammers to turn a simple plumbing job into a money sink because most people have little knowledge of plumbing. Avoid scams by following these simple steps.
Always Get It in Writing
Before you have any major work done, always insist on a written estimate. This should include how long the job is expected to take, when the job begins and how much all materials should cost. Each material used should be itemized; this way, the plumber cannot buy low-cost goods and charge you for premium goods.
If It Sounds Too Good to be True, It Is
If a plumber gives you a low estimate for a complicated job (such as replacing pipes for an entire home), you probably are being set up for a scam. Estimates are just that—estimates. However, they should be in the ballpark of the final payment. A common plumbing repair scam is to purposely underestimate the cost of a job in order to get customers. Then they nail them with a bill for double or triple the estimate, for "unexpected problems."
Never Use Plumbers Who Call You
Perhaps you get a phone call, email or a knock on your door from a plumber offering a special deal. Hang up, delete or slam the door. You should only deal with plumbers you have first contacted. It is OK for a plumber to place an advertisement under your windshield or in your mailbox. It is not OK for them to claim that they have a special offer of deeply discounted materials or inspections. ...
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