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Research on How to Reduce Homework Stress Among Students (Article Sample)


The task was an article about ways in which teachers can help in reducing homework stress among students.

Ways to reduce homework stress
A significant number of students face a challenge when it comes to doing assignment at home. Their educators assume that all learners have a good support system at home that can assist them with their assignment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case because some of the students come from families where their parents and guardians do not have, or have limited time and energy to assist with homework. This is because some of the parents work more than one job in order to support their family. In this case, students become stranded whenever they need assignment help at home, which may affect their overall performance in school. Even though educators cannot control the situation at home, they can implement a number of behaviors to help reduce homework stress in students. This can be done by supporting and assisting them at school before they release them to do their assignment at home.
Student faced with homework stress
Seven practices that teachers can apply to help reduce homework stress
Write the assignment down: Teachers should not just read out the assignment to the learners, but should print it out on a handout or write it down on the blackboard. In addition, the teacher should ask the students to write the homework down on their books.
Assess comprehension: Educators should explain the homework and check for understanding by asking students to paraphrase the directions.
Check for legibility: Teachers should ensure that the printed out worksheet is legible and that the assignment makes sense. Additionally, educators should make the learners to read the worksheet and ask any question in case of a query.
Give relevant examples: The examples will provide a reference for students to use at home. In addition, parents will be able to use them to direct the scholar to the answers the teacher is expecting.
Have an underlying principle: Some tutors just give homework to ensure that students are busy with schoolwork at home. In this case, they may give assignments that may not necessarily help the students achieve success in their grades. Teachers should therefore have a valid reason for giving the work and for the learners to be doing it.
Assess the homework: There are a number of ways to ...
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