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Creative Writing Assignment on Pfeifer German Bakery (Article Sample)


This WAS descriptive essay about a bakery in harker heights in GERMANY.

Renata Ceske
Mrs. Rhonda Sullivan
ENGI 1301.20170828.510284: Composition 1
October 3, 2017
Pfeifer’s German Bakery
I love going to Pfeifer German bakery because the smell and the merchandise sold there remind me of my home town. I visit the bakery at least once per week.
Located in a quiet neighborhood of Harker Heights, off the Central Texas Expressway, the Bakery is easily accessible due to lack of heavy traffic while driving towards the bakery.
The welcoming scène of nicely decorated stores receives you after the first narrow turn. Furthermore, the beautiful yellow ‘Pfeifer” sign on top of the small plaza facing the sun is more appealing to behold and makes the parking lot even more beautiful.
For the last couple of years, I have spent most of my Saturdays enjoying the sweet and savory smells of the fresh products available at this bakery. Despite being away from home, this wonderful place in Europe has kept me good company .It has been a nice getaway spot.
The bakery could be underrated from outside as a small and old place because it’s isolated on the top of Harker Heights;
A cookies and doughnut store stands next to the bakery, on the right side of the top of the store, there stands another glittering sign written in old English and calligraphy that reads “German Bakery & Deli’. It reminded me of the olden day’s graphics. Quite nostalgic this is!
The inside is cossy and the atmosphere is welcoming. It reminded me of Europe when i opened the door. The smell of freshly baked pastries and fresh bread was so aromatic that one would be tempted to stay in there forever! Although small, as compared to major bakeries, the nicely squeezed into German miniature are classier and present a nicely thought out design
I walked along the tiny aisles which were beautifully stocked with Milka, Chocolates Knorr, and German cheese. The products available at this little bakery cannot just be found anywhere. The aisles, lit in bright light, shines upon the various products like kuchen and linzertorte which are great supplements in increasing the sweetness of the breads produced in there!
There is also a fridge and the back of the bakery stocked with homemade sausages, perfectly smoked and colorful to appeal to any eye. Another great feature of this bakery is its employees ...
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