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Experiences Gained in the Learning Process (Article Sample)


experiences gained in the learning process


My Learning experiences
Response Paper
My academic success will be determined by the skills I have acquired during my learning and those that I am still acquiring as I continue to learn, most of which I am using a student and will later use in my future life. For this reason, I am going to reflect on all my learning experiences, which I have had both in the past and in present. For this reason, I will use Schon’s model of reflection which will enable me to highlight the experiences I have previously acquired during my learning and the skills I am currently acquiring as I continue to learn (Waters, 1992).. Therefore I will my reflection will be on the technical skills I have learnt during my learning, that is reading skills, writing skills, note making and the non-technical skills, that is personal competence skills like, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, creativity, self- awareness and self-confidence as all these skills have been the basis of my success in academics and will also help me in future

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