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The Most Popular Bands Of Punk Rock Music In Sydney Australia (Article Sample)




Punk Scene in Sydney Australia
The punk rock or simply the punk is a music style that was started in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America in the 1960s. The word "punk" was being used in relation to rock music by critics in America. The punk music is basically more like rock music. This genre of music is very popular in Sydney Australia compared to any part of the world. It is said that this genre of music was born out of disillusionment with politicians and society. The first album of Punk music Australia was released in the February of 1977 by a group called the Saints. The album was titled Stranded. Then, the Saints had just relocated to Sydney and they did their first major gig in April 1977 in collaboration with Radio Birdman. Sydney is a cheap city and through the promotion of the local bands, you find the punk gigs are quite affordable.
There were other old punk bands that ruled the airwaves then some of them were: The Black Diamonds that came from Lithgow. They were popular in the 1960s and came with hits like "I Want, Need, Love You". There was also the Atlantics that started as a surf band and originated from Sydney's Atlantic. The Creatures also called the Ugly Think was also popular then.
Punk music is considered unique and that is why you find that the clubs that organize punk gigs are seen as unique and specified. This is not to say that punk doesn't have fans but it is because it is considered to be a little unique. There are a number of Punk bands currently that do hold big punk gigs in Sydney Australia always. Some of the scenes where punk music is performed include:
The Barber Shop
The Barber Shop is located at 89th York Street of Sydney. It is one place where Punk music is played
The Empire Hotel
This hotel is very popular in playing Sydney's rock music, metal and the Punk. It is a classic bar and affordable. You will enjoy the awesome beats from different punk bands.
Other places where you are likely to watch live punk bands include the Chippo hotel where a number of local band members perform and also The Tote and Old Bar
The Dead Love Band
The Dead Love Band is one of the most popular punk bands found in Sydney Australia. It is composed of Stevie Knight, Clint Ossington, and Miles Cochrane. The band is based in Sydney and its signature tunes and sounds have captured the hearts of many people who love Punk music. The love for the band has extended beyond the borders and this can be shown by the fact that the band has a huge and growing fan base in Canada and beyond. The band has ensured that it maintains its fast rate of gr

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