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Transnational Youth Transitions between Vancouver and Hong Kong (Article Sample)


Individual research essay
I was required to choose one reading from what the student had covered in class. among the 6b articles that the students provided, i choose the one under the title "Transnational youth transitions between Vancouver and Hong Kong". here i was required to study Chinese transitional migration by looking at the following:
1. overview
2. migration patterns
3. transitional activities
4. conclusion


Transnational youth transitions between Vancouver and Hong Kong
Student’s Name
Professor’s name
In this paper, the chosen article is "Transnational youth transitions between Vancouver and Hong Kong." In this title, the document discusses several topics at length. It summarises the report by going through the target population (mainly youths), reasons for their migration, and the article's social, economic, and political context. Secondly, the paper discusses. Secondly, the report looks at the migration patterns of the youths by analyzing their movement patterns and factors determining the migration patterns. Thirdly, the write-up focuses on the youths' transnational activities by highlighting their global practices, how the international processes across the border and such actions affect the lives of the young population. Lastly, the paper concludes by reflecting on the importance of a transnational lens to understand the article's topic better.
* Overview of the Topic
* The Target Population
The study focuses on the interview of young people aged between 18-30 of transitional families between Hong Kong, China, and Vancouver, Canada. These are youths who are in their transition stage into adulthood. The study majorly focuses on the young population, who have their parents transiting between these two countries with the youngsters left with little or no care of the parents. The parents rely majorly on the available communication channels to try and bridge the distance between them and the children in the study.
* Reasons for Their Migration
The youngsters migrated to the foreign nation because of their parents’ decisions based on political or economic reasons. They have migrated in and out of Hong Kong and Vancouver- Canada. Due to this, the group interview had no say in their early ages on the migration but was a decision purely made by the parents who, even at their advanced age, view them as children and tend to supervise them.
* Social, Economic and Political Context of the Case Study
The reason for the migration was also attached to the social, political, and economic context. For instance, they were furthering of education or seeking jobs. Parents cross the bounder to improve their financial muscles, such as doing business or getting better jobs across the border. The political context is that most youths have received their education majorly in Canada, which has different exposure to citizenship possibilities. The social context is that the youths have been robbed of their voices in the decision if transnational migration and are left on their own. When moving away, they are not part of deciding to leave friends and close relatives behind and join other relations. Therefore, in their individuation process, they will inform their migration choice based on Geographical attachment instead of family or parents' desired patterns.
Some of the youth would choose where to stay based on work culture. For example, Hong Kong is termed to have a frenzied pace of work, and those who studied or spent time in Vancouver would find it a challenge to cope with it. The busy work culture in Hong Kong contradicts Vancouver's culture. Others prefer Vancouver due to European culture, which is eminent there as compared to Hong Kong. Youths will get attached to Vancouver because of its culture and values that are tilted toward European culture. Religious affiliation has also played a part in this. Christianity and Western European culture is a big influence on those who choose to associate with Canada
* Migration patterns
* Patterns of their Migrations
Though the older generation had embraced the migration circuit with the potential young people seeking to return to their homeland to develop it, this seems to be changing with the transiting youth who have detached themselves from their distant family and attached themselves with Vancouver as home. Such a case has been brought about by the Geographical distance with their family, which led to them losing the attachment of their family. Due to being alone, they have embraced independence and would not depend on the decisions of the family or parents. On this note, they develop values independently of the more mobile members of the transnational families. Therefore, they preferred Vancouver to Hong Kong by Canadian values of privacy, leisure, and laid back attitude of life compared to Hong Kong values that are overpopulated, insecure, and with the fast pace of life.
With the youth interviewed, there is a change in the migration pattern as they show different views from the migration circuit of movement between Vancouver and Hong Kong. The change is attributed to the sense that they are both in transnational families, and in their childhood, they had to learn to live with parents or families at a distance. Such led to them developing a sense of independence as they transited to adulthood and perceiving their parents as intruders in their lives who impose supervision roles taking them like children who cannot make decisions by themselves. The act of parents trying to play a supervisory role in the already perceived independent youths appears as efforts of fragmentary and sporadic interruptions, and the youth will try to evade any help of their calculating parents.
The above has led to the youth lose attachment with their family and families’ activities like wedding which was celebrated together as family achievement they view them as disruption and prefer their own programs like studies. This clearly means that parent and family decision will have little or no impact on the youth and may end up being attached to a place like Vancouver. This is indicated by the youths interviewed who say they would not wish to be transpacific shuttles. Youths from Hong Kong have perceived Vancouver as a place of leisure, secure and love their way of life hence willing to stay there as compared to Hong Kong. This has led to new Geographical attachment may be attributed to their experiences and emotional frame work formed from growing up in transnational families.
* Factors Determining the Migration Patterns
As raised in Lee theory of migration in 1966, there are several factors that have determined the migration patterns for the youths (Carling & Collins, 2018). These factors can be grouped into two: the ones associated with place of origin and the ones associated with place of destination as discussed below.
* Factors associated with place of origin
Many youth who have moved from Hong Kong to Vancouver have developed a sense of discomfort with Hong Kong and would prefer to settle In Vancouver instead. According to the Lee theory, this is a result of the factors that the youths are attributing to Hong Kong which makes it unattractive to them. Hong Kong has been attributed to a rushy economy where everything looks to be moving fast and also an insecure environment. The youths will prefer where they feel emotionally home and that is Vancouver. Such a preference has made the youths stick with the city irrespective of any future misfortune. In other words, they are ready to live and die in the city as it is the place they can feel secure.

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