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Medicine Question: How To Make Your Skin Look Younger (Article Sample)



No one can evade aging. To many people, this is a very unpleasant experience. However, you can take measures to make yourself look way younger than your age. There are very many alternative techniques that you can use to make yourself look younger without biting a huge chunk off your savings. There are also many products in the market that promise to give you a younger look but instead end up destroying your facial and body skin in irreversible and horrific ways. Your skin is an indication of your inner body health and general hygiene.
Your face is the one part of the body anyone will notice first under any circumstances. Thus, you should take care of your face well to make it look radiant and let it give a perfect representation of yourself. The following are some of the recommended ways of making your skin look younger.
Facial Cleansing and Moisturizing
Aging skin does not usually have excess oil hence you should use a gentle facial cleanser to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils. Moisturize your face any time before applying make-up. Cleansing removes foreign and unwanted environment substances from your face that could otherwise cause you to age quickly. Moisturize your skin with anti- aging moisturizers that have a high percentage of their active ingredient.
Avoid Direct Sunlight
The sun is one of the main things that cause premature aging due to the harmful UV rays. You should wear at least SPF 15 daily to avoid wrinkles, brown spots, a dull complexion and skin cancer. Use sun screen all over our body if you are going to be out in the sun the whole day.
Exfoliating your skin using gentle exfoliating products encourages skin cell renewal, giving you a younger looking, softer and brighter skin.
Avoid smoking and over consumption of alcohol
Smoking inhibits healing of the skin and body and you ought to quit if you are targeting a younger look. Quitting requires great will power and patience but the end results on your skin will be worth the effort. Drinking a lot of alcohol dehydrates your body making it feel dry. It also creates puffiness around the eye making you look older than your age.
These are the molecules that prevent and control free radicles that cause skin damage. You can increase their levels in the body by eating a lot of green vegetables and fruits such as blueberries and broccoli that have high levels of antioxidants in them.
Maintaining a Clean Face
Keep you face clean all the time by washing it with cold water at least twice daily and apply some good cream to maintain the elasticity of your skin.
You should also maintain healthy teeth. You should have a good tooth- care routine including brushing, flossing and using mouth wash. Good teeth make you look younger with a more attractive smile. You can contact your dentist for professional whitening and treating of tooth decay.
Manage your hair:
This will hide the side effects of aging and make men look better groomed. Sometimes hair can appear on the face after menopause due to change in hormones. Your eye brows may begin to thin out as you grow older. Therefore, you can color them with a pencil that matches your eyebrow colors
You can also consider dying your hair to hide the greys and get a better and youthful look. Get a hair -cut that suits you better than the one you have on right now and one that frames you head shape well. This can make you feel decades younger.
Dressing code
Focus on clothing that is right for your size, shape and age. Wear flattering shirts that emphasize your best features rather than exposing too much cleavage. Update your wardrobe with the help of a friend with good style or contact a stylist to help you in this. Also wear bright colored clothing as they will make you look more youthful, fun, vibrant and energetic. Complete you outfit with trendy and in –style accessories that will make you look youthful and stylish. Pease discard the matching pear -shaped necklace and earrings or simply don’t wear them at the same time.
Exercise and H...
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