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The Future of Work Life Sciences Article Research Coursework (Article Sample)


The sample was describing the future of work


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There are many questions revolving the future of work. What is really going to be the future of work? Most people believe that the future of work is fluid. The idea of work in future being progressive or regressive is one way to define the fluid nature of work. I believe that we are approaching a time where humans will no longer have to identify with their jobs and feel that work is their purpose, especially with jobs they are not really satisfied with.
The road of life has many detours. One of the detours is technology which is slowly taking over the future of work. Most people are afraid that this diversification in technology might be a disadvantage to workers in some organizations because they are afraid of being replaced by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. The question for them is how will they survive but they should also consider what they will do. The answer to these questions is simple, don’t fight the future adapt to it and learn.

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