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Summary An Article Operations Management Six Sigma (Article Sample)


Summary an article


Six Sigma
Six Sigma
Six Sigma is a means for recognizing and removing deviation. Companies globally have established their cultures upon this concept, the reason being that Six Sigma and other efficiency approaches substantially minimize waste and failure to make the best use of resources in an organization. Six Sigma is based on the need to make decisions based on accurate data and not on assumptions and experiment.
Bill Smith is credited for conceiving the term ‘Six Sigma' which is universally accepted quality improvement model. Bill, an Engineer by profession is credited for helping Motorola get about $16 Billion in savings in the 1980s by adopting the system in its core processes. However, the principle of Six Sigma dates back to 1809, by the introduction of normal curve concept by Carl Fredrick Gauss.
Many organizations are currently functioning efficiently because of Six Sigma and other approaches. Companies spread all over the world have established their cultures upon this idea, consequently, serving as a background for transformation in the entire organization, from production to sales and service delivery roles.
Companies with their culture based on the removal of variance can have drastic negative implications on innovation and growth. Organizations have successfully protected themselves from variation and experimentation just as Neurospora crass. However, even Neurospora crass which is an example of genetic evolution has constantly protected itself from variation for a long period of time. Because of this characteristic, Neurospora is considered an excellent example in safeguarding available opportunities that nature provides.
The focus of many managers today is to ensure that any effort to eliminate variance for efficiency must not stifle the potential for growth. It is therefore important to be careful to avoid growth and innovation disappearing in the process. The greatest focus is on minimizing changes with less thought paid to develop quality which may remove the need to minimize variation. Six Sigma faces opposition due to the so called experts in Six Sigma who have only elementary knowledge of the tools and skills involved, therefore, the use of such knowledge only adds to the high cost of operations.
Application of S

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