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Qualitative Article Critique. Psychology Article. (Article Sample)


analysis of an article on healthcare and psychology


Qualitative Article Critique
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Qualitative Article Critique
The article, “Survivorship care and support following treatment for breast cancer: a multi-ethnic comparative qualitative study of women’s experiences” by Charlotte, Karen, Emma, Seeromanie, and Jo seeks to examine whether the current follow-up initiatives conducted by governments for breast cancer patients are still viable. The research problem is informed by the concern that the Western populations have become more ethically, and socially diverse and healthcare resources stretched, making it crucial to ascertain whether the experiences of breast cancer survivors after treatment are similar, and conforming to the patients’ expectations (Tompkins, Scanlon, Scott, Ream, Harding, & Armes, 2016). The authors are driven by the understanding that the examination of the current experiences and expectations that breast cancer survivors from a multi-ethnic sample hold, can help highlight the barriers to the reception of good care, and help in the development of new models of survivorship (Tompkins et al., 2016).

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