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Coping to Love Addiction. 5 Ways to Coping with Love Addiction (Article Sample)


Please write one article with 5 keys to coping with love addiction
Include bullet points - admit that there is a problem, number to increase your support system, number three get professional confidential assistance, number four focus on your own life and increase personal awareness, interest, education number five the patient, compassionate, and loving while you go through this and increased self-care basic needs eating Sleeping growing balance everything with mindfulness techniques such as, meditation visualization, positive affirmations etc.


5 Ways to Coping with Love Addiction
Love is an incredible emotion. It brings joy and warmth and all different positive things. It makes everything seem perfect, but there is something as too much love. It being an incredible emotion, it is not surprising that many falls into deep addiction. Scientifically speaking, when we experience love, our brains releases hormones that induce happiness and pleasure, or in short euphoria. Addiction is usually developed by an individual as a way to deal with unbearable feelings. Love addiction towards someone, or something, is not only unhealthy but it can result to harmful, often overlooked outcome.
* Love addiction is a problem. It does not only refer to romantic or sexual relations, though at first thought it must be just that. A love addicts’ obsession can possibly be towards a friend, family, leader, religious figure, fictional character, movie star or someone they haven’t even met before. It is also possible that their craze can be towards a thing, a pet or anything in that sense. Anything that is too much is definitely not hearty.

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