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School Violence: Rationale For Selecting Your Indicators (Article Sample)


discuss what you believe to be the most accurate predictor of school violence. Describe, in detail, your rationale for selecting your indicators


School violence
It is with no doubt that the rampant violence and shootings in our schools have become a serious concern in the country that needs to be properly addressed. It is therefore necessary to get answers and quick solution to this terrible circumstance. As much as we all would want our children to be education it is also a vital concern to have safety at school safeguarded. We then have a responsibility to look for sustainable reliable and efficient solutions that require relative deep thinking other than setting up easy and quick solutions. As a lawmaker I am very concerned about the young people as they are our expected future leaders.
In order to have efficient solutions we must firstly understand and assess the nature and conditions at which the school violence and shootings occur and importantly the characteristics of the necessary interventions.
Basically school violence and shootings are as a result of various social ill that occur for a wide range of reasons. This may include bad behaviors such as drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. Any student, school staff or school associate who is under the influence of drugs tends to lose control of his/her acts commonly in an irrational manner and this results to a possible catalyst for violence and shooting in schools.
Another reason could be personality problems. When a student in school feels out of place maybe due to shyness or any other factor he /she is prone to a crazy act to prove wrong his peers and this could result in gang fights, bullying and other school violence.
School violence could

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