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Article Summary Spirituality And Psychological Counseling (Article Sample)




Article summary
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The authors in the article provide a discussion that is based on religion, spirituality and psychological counseling. In the America, research has indicated that many people are inclined to the spiritual way of life acknowledging the presence of God. It is vital to link psychotherapy to religion and spirituality because human beings are also affected by spiritual issues which need to be addressed and dealt with by psychological counselors. Many associations in the America like the American Counseling Association consider religion and spirituality to be part of the components that make up human diversity. However, research has indicated that the relationship between family and marriage counseling and spirituality and religion has not been clearly and well emphasized on by many people as expected. Many scholars have given different definitions of religion and spirituality and the main difference is that religion is public, behavioral, external, ritualistic and denominational while spirituality tends to be private, universal, affective, internal and spontaneous.
Clinical integration is a word that has been applied to imply the linking together of psychotherapy and spirituality and religion emphasizing on people’s values and beliefs. The authors assert that over years, it has been difficult for psychotherapists to fully achieve clinical integration because they are majorly trained in the areas of psychology and counseling but not on matters of religion and spirituality. Clinical integration is even more difficult to be achieved because different people have different religious and spiritual beliefs some of which are conflicting among the individuals. Another obstacle is that people have developed a belief that spiritual and religious issues cannot be well addressed by clinicians but by religious leaders in church settings. It is also believed that spirituality and religion are far away from health and therefore can be well handled when incorporated with pathology. Many clinicians fail to achieve clinical integration because they have a feeling that their beliefs are most likely to conflict with those of their clients and hinder counseling. They also lack the required confidence by believing that they are not well versed with matters relating to spirituality and religion. As much as clinicians strive to achieve clinical integration, it may turn out to be disastrous because some matters like divorce and sexuality may instill fear in the clients and make them feel guilty of their deeds hence failing to achieve effective counseling which is the core objective of psychotherapists.
One of the positive impacts of clinical integra...
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