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A Means to End Terrorism Social Sciences Article Paper (Article Sample)


Terrorism has been a main area of concern in modern security. The paper answered the question on what goverments and other institutions should do to end terrorism.


A Means to End Terrorism
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Ever since the 9/11 attacks that occurred in 2001, terrorist acts have gained traction around the world especially with regions and nations aligned to the West or having vested interests with them. There have been efforts made to curb, prevent and end terrorism including air strikes, secret military operations and even dialogue. All these methods have had little or no impact. New efforts and tactics are required if we are to end terrorism. After studying all the methods employed, it is obvious there needs to be a radical change of tact. We shall look at these methods to which we can end terrorism.
First, we need to cease supporting the despots who support terrorism. Countries such as Saudi Arabia have always been the largest supporters of radical Islam from which terrorists have thrived. This has been made possible through the U.S backed brutal regimes of which are huge motivators for the terrorists. Cutting off support for these dictators will ensure that the terrorists will become undermined and stop giving them a reason to retaliate (Toros & Tellidis, 2013). Second, we should stop arming terrorists. Some of the most violent terrorists are being armed by countries as part of a strategy to shape the political landscapes of warring countries and regions. We should stop arming factions who are not in government and look for alternative solutions to affect stability.

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