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Legal, Ethical and Security Issues in Industrial Application of (AI) (Article Sample)


Legal, Ethical and Security Issues in Industrial Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) especially in Machine Learning.
Describing legal ,ethical and security issues associated with artificial intelligence


Legal, Ethical and Security Issues in Industrial Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) especially in Machine Learning.
May 14, 2020.
Background Information
Increasing cyber physical interactions and growth of analytic, computing technologies have spurred the development of complex and intelligent algorithms which have become a core to most innovation and business models. Seamless connection of wired or wireless sensors, smart devices and users in various technological trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, digital twin technology, digitization and automation generate both structured and unstructured data which culminates to extensive analytics growth and big data technologies; key avenues to machine learning.
With large data coming into play , data generation , transmission and storage becomes next field of interest .As such , the only problem that arises form the three data chain is organization and optimization of transmission and storage channel , thanks to excellent data transmission protocols and technologies like 5G network that offers excellent data links between cyber physical systems or data generator and its storage(Brady, Gerhardt, & Davidson, 2012).. On other hand, storage technologies have tremendously improved with complex storage unit in tune of terabytes both stored electronically or via cloud storage system. Additionally, machine learning and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) reduces time gap by eliminating boundaries in cyber physical systems; that is could link up to multiple subsystems to fetch, mine or work on only needed data segment further optimizing data storage capacities.
However, serious issues arise when there is increased peer connection and symbiotic interactions between various units especially in system integrity and security. Rapid changes that have come with AI and other technologies also revolves faster than existing laws and regulation are amended. Volatility in these technologies bring contemporary ethics, compromises rule of law, privacy and hence calls for extensive reflection study on technological morality, governance and regulation.

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