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History Article About How United States Became A Nation (Article Sample)


research article on how united states became a nation.
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Britain happened to gain control of the entire Florida during 1763, and this was in exchange of Havana which the British had already managed to capture from Spain. This was in the period between 1756 and 1763. Spain was later evacuated from the region after having an exchange that left the entire province virtually empty. The British Empire had some ambitious plans for the whole Florida1. It was split into two sections that combined of the west and east. The British surveyors were mapping much of the entire landscape as well as the coastline2. They tried to develop some forms of relationships with different groups of Indian people that were coming from the northern region. Britain made attempts to attract some several white settlers by way of offering some land pieces on which they could settle and assist those who actually produced some important products for exports. With time, this plan converted the region into a quite flourishing kind of colony3. However, the British ruling only lasted for a period of twenty years. The two regions had to remain royal to Britain throughout the period of war. In the year 1784, it regained all control on the rest of Florida as a major part of the peace treaty that saw the end of the American Revolution.[Beauregard, R.A, “When America became suburban”. Minneapolis [u.a.]: Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2006, 2Schultz, Kevin M. Hist. Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2010.3Hakim, Joy, “History of Us” New York: Oxford University Press, 2003.4Schultz, Kevin M. Hist. Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2010.]
The United States of America initially started as an independent state with the independence declaration taking place in July 1776. The European colonists got to the gulf and the pacific regions, although the largest settlements were owned by the English men along the Atlantic. By 1770s, all these colonies contained more than a million people5. They became quite prosperous and developed rapidly. They had developed their own legal and political form of systems. By then, the parliament asserted a lot of authority by way of enacting laws and imposing new taxes. The Americans kept on insisting that it was quite unfair and unconstitutional since the colonists were never represented in the parliament4. It raised a test of the level of strength, but the colonies started to collaborate. Protests happened to culminate in Boston where Britain stripped the Massachusetts state of the actual self government. By then, the colonists started were already drilling their militia in 1773. This led to a war breakout in 1775. After the expelling of royal officials, and thereafter clamping on the loyalists, all patriots took over the control. By 1776, the declaration of the freedom of independence that was written by President Jefferson declared all men to be equal and thereby proclaimed the formation of a newborn nation, named as the United States1. This came with a majority of the financial and the military support coming from France. The patriots won the war on the American Revolution and this led to the realization of peace in 1783. Before and even after the war, all the thirteen states remained united although under a weak form of the federal government that had been established by the confederation of the articles6. This was realized to be unworkable and led to the development of a newer form of the constitution that was developed in 1798. It still remains the major basis of the entire form of the federal government within the U.S to date.

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