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Successful Female Leaders Empower Women's Behavior in Leadership Tasks (Article Sample)


Was Reviewing an article on successful female leaders empowerment.


"Successful Female Leaders Empower Women's Behavior in Leadership Tasks," Ioana M. Latu, 
The author addresses the gradually increasing number of women leaders in the society today. As much as he acknowledges their small percentage or representation compared to that of men, there is no doubt that today, more than in the past years, women have risen up to take very important political positions. For instance, examples of Hilary Clinton, Christina Fernandez, Dilma Rousseff, and Angella Merkel are given as among the elite women leaders in the modern world (Latu, Schmid Mast, Lammers and Bombari, 2013). The male dominance in the leadership positions has been singled out as a factor that has undermined the ascension of women into power. For instance, the predominant male leadership is the reason for widespread stereotype, where leadership is viewed as a masculine task, and this leads to the development of inferiority complexity among women. It is observed that the inferiority feeling is widely among women themselves, including those in the leadership positions now.
The article seeks to investigate the effect of subtle exposures to female icons in leadership on the behavior of women at time of stressing leadership tasks. In addition, the impact of the female role model on the women behavior is examined, together with its extent to self-evaluation of women entrusted with leadership responsibilities (Latu, Schmid Mast, Lammers and Bombari, 2013). It is found that subtle reminders of women who are successful in the society significantly enhanced the women behavior, and this narrowed the existing gap between male and female gender performance. This means that role models were an important inspiration of women leaders. The leadership behavior among these women improved with the increased powerfulness of the role model to which the individual was subject.
This knowledge is significantly essential in devising the appropriate ways to alleviate the plight of women, together with other marginalized groups in the society, into participating in highly productive practices. Role model influencing does not only provoke mass participation of women in prominent societal positions, but also enhances the quality of delivery and self-belief among these women, hence increasing their efficiency and productivity (Costanza, and Andrea, 2014). Inspiration is a key component in helping women overcome the occasional stress they encounter in their respective careers, among which is the public speaking task. The underrepresentation of the female gender in different fronts of economic development has been a significant concern. For instance, their lack or minimal representation has always meant their overreliance on men for providence of basic needs.
This study plays a great role in facilitate rediscovery of women power and abilities, in effecting essential changes in the society. For instance, the lack of drive to top positions, which has historically been prompted by stereotypes and male oppression, can be overcome through use of successful personalities in the society. The restoration of self-belief and confidence through role models is a simple and practical practice, which can undoubtedly alleviate the plight of women in the society (Costanza, and Andrea, 2014). The author is able to draw such findings from a research study in which a comparative leadership behavior is evaluated among different individuals, and distinctions made depending on the different levels of inspiration provided by the role model. Such method is practically possible and reduces biases and misinterpretations due to the comparative nature of assessment. Based on these findings, a question can be raised on how the motivation can work in alleviating other marginalized groups in the society, amongst which are youths and persons with disabilities.
The paper confirms the conception held regarding how well some women ha...
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