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Marketing management (Article Sample)


please find any article and write one page that it is related to any chapters from 1 or 2 or 3 or 4, or5. because i ll d presentation on it. also please send me the link because the doctor needs it. all the instruction and content of chapters i will upload it .thanks please us at least 4 term or concept on the paper. please read the instruction first , i would appreciate it.

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The Nature of Strategic Planning
Planning is the practice of anticipating future happenings and formulatingschemes to realize organizational goals in the future.
Strategic Planning
This is thecourse of developing and preserving a strategic fit between the organization’s objectives and competences and it’sshifting marketing prospects.
StrategicPlanning, Implementation and Control Process
Planning Implementation Control

4Stages of the Organizational Strategic Plan
Formulating the corporate portfolio
Describing the company mission
Planning the marketing and other functional activities.
Set company goals and objectives
The strategic planning process influences, includes and affects undertakings within the organization, as well asthe functional areas and the strategic business units (SBUs).
The final step of the four step process is constructing functional strategies and plans. Seeking strategic windows is a tool for prospectsfor the organization.
The recognition of prospects for the organization is what is entailed in seeking a strategic window. This process is usually for a restrictedtime in the future and limited to the organization of the firm’s resources to ensure a match in the ability of the firm to meet the market need and requirements at the possible maximum level and the market needs and requirements themselves.
Planning At Different Management Levels
Corporate Level Planning
Here, the planning is done by the top level corporate managers. They create the business portfolio for the company; fix the corporate visions and goals.
Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Planning
Here the managers at the Strategic Business Unit Level do the planning. They conduct the SWOT analysis, set the mission statement and objectives for the firm, are responsible for growth strategies for the company.
Operational Planning
Here the planning is done by the supervisory managers who develop action plans to implement.
Tactical Planning
Here the pla...
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