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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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The "Nursing Article": According To Grove Gray And Burns (2015) (Article Sample)


the task was all about nursing ,ANSWERING some questions

Name Professor’s name Course title Date “Nursing article” Question 1: Which choices below best reflect the problem statement for the instructor-assigned article? * The problem statement of this instructor’s assigned article is, the benefit of this study was to explore and fully understand medical-surgical nurses perceived self-confidence and leadership abilities first responders in recognizing to patients experiencing acute deterioration (APD) prior to the arrival of a RRT or CRT. Question 2: which of the choices below best reflects the purpose statement for the instructor assigned article? * The following is a better reflection of the instructor assigned article, . To explore and understand medical-surgical nurses’ perceived self-confidence and leadership abilities as first responders in recognizing and responding to patients experiencing acute deterioration (APD) prior to the arrival of a RRT or CRT. Question 3: According to Grove, Gray, and Burns (2015), which of the following statements are important when considering the significance and relevance of a study’s problem and purpose? The following are to consider: * Does it predict the non-significant findings anticipated in the study? * Does it identify the future research to be generated by the study? * Does it promote theory testing or development? Question 4: When considering the feasibility of a study’s problem and purpose, Grove, Gray, and Burns (2015) suggest that several areas should be evaluated, including: researcher expertise, money commitment, ethical considerations, and availability of subjects, facilities, and equipment. Which of the following statements accurately assesses the feasibility of this article? * According to gray and grove a statement that assess the feasibility of the article well is, Funding sources for the study were clearly identified in the article Question 5: According to Grove, Gray, and Burns (2015), which one of the following is NOT a major purpose of the review of literature (ROL): * Identifying gaps in the knowledge base of the practice problem Question 6: Select three MAJOR topics covered in the review of literature (ROL) from the list below: * Early warning signs of acute deterioration are not always recognized and addressed in a timely manner. * . A descriptive correlation design was used to examine the relationship of age, years licensed, education level, certification and their perceived self-confidence as a first responder among a sample of Medical-Surgical RNs * The researcher administered three instruments: the demographic tool, the Self-confidence Scale, and the Leadership Ability Questionnaire Question 7: Current knowledge in the review of literature (ROL) (all information included before the “Methods”) is considered to be articles that are within 5 years of the publication date of the article. This is often assessed by reviewing the citations that are used in the ROL and counting the number that meet this criterion. Which number below most closely reflects the number of current citations in the ROL? (HINT-look for references in the ROL that are between 2014-2009.)? * The total numbers of citations are 7 Question 8: Which of these statements best describes this study’s research framework? . The authors developed the study’s theoretical framework based on Murphy and Fitzsimons (2004) * Intervention study to determine nurses’ skill performance of immediate life support (ILS). Question 9: What are some of the key concepts in this study’s theoretical framework? * The theoretical framework identifies four steps in recognizing and responding to APD events: noticing, interpreting, responding, and reflection Question 10: Which one of the statements below is an example of a relational statement from the theoretical framework? * Self-confidence is necessary to respond appropriately to APD events. Question 11: The author states that the first research objective, question, or hypothesis was “What are the perceived levels of self-confidence and leadership abilities of medical-surgical nurses a first responders in APD events prior to the arrival of a RRT or CRT?” on page 2771. This is best described as a, * Research question Question 12: Which of these are considered to be MAJOR study variables in this study. * psychological empowerment * perceived self-confidence * acute patient deteriorat...
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