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4 Crucial Reasons You Should Learn To Avoid Stress Article (Article Sample)


The article gives a wider explanations on concepts you should learn to avoid stress


4 Crucial Reasons You Should Learn To Avoid Stress
Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension from any event that makes you frustrated, nervous, angry or makes you uncomfortable. Additionally, stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand from a certain situation. Everybody experiences stress from time to time because of the current emerging trends such as pressure from work, illness, poverty and broken marriages. The following tips elaborates reasons that you should learn to avoid stress;
1. Stress Leads To Mental Complications
The earliest response to stress happens in the brain within seconds of perceiving a stressor. Therefore, chemicals that signals between nerve cells “Neurotransmitters” are released. They include serotonin $ adrenaline which affects the areas of the a result, someone may experience vivid flashbacks, uncontrolled thoughts, depression and high blood pressure.
2. Stress Affects Your Social Life
Stress affects your mood and general behavior in a number of areas. You may not know it as it’s happening, even if someone’s tells you. Some of the most common behaviors that one may exhibit include;
* Avoiding Social Interactions.
* Suicidal Thoughts.

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