How to Write a Classification Essay

Writing a Good Classification Essay

What is a classification essay?

Have you felt absurd classifying or organizing things into groups in an essay? Perhaps your paper might be specific on tourism where you sort people or things into their useful categories while giving examples of every item. Well, classification essays require that students arrange objects, people or ideas with similar characteristics into classes. The crucial part of the composition is a selection of a relevant topic before writing your essay. Therefore, the article will present the best way of organizing and developing a classification paper.

What are the main features of classification essays?

Classification writings elaborate the features of a subject. Therefore, the paper has a structure with an introduction including a thesis statement that is specific and clear. Secondly, it has a body that mainly classifies in different paragraphs, the various groups indicating examples. On the same note, such an essay has classification transitions, the first kind, the second kind, the second group and the third type among others. Lastly, the paper has a conclusion that reiterates the categories of the thesis statement and emphasizes the importance and value of the grouping technique.

Elsewhere, the essay has categories that are crucial. For example, if the essay is about ball games, the writer should include football, handball, and basketball without leaving volleyball. However, the writer should not include baseball. Separately, a classification essay usually follows the single principle that denotes the way of sorting the groups. For example, if the unifying principle was outdoor oriented sports, the author should not include indoor sports such as badminton or table tennis.

Lastly, such a paper has a thesis statement that includes a topic and the way of classification. For example, Tourists in Ontario can participate in the three water sports: sailing, snorkeling, and surfing.

How to start a classification essay: Tips on how to start

Starting a such a paper is sometimes stressful. However, the following tips give a student the best way of starting such essays.

  • Students should create a subject with a wide range of combinations for classification.
  • Determine the best principle for grouping
  • Sort the items into relevant groups
  • Provide examples that fit in each group
  • Develop a thesis statement regarding the elements and their categories

How to develop an outline

Classification essay outlines usually take the basic patterns. However, the groups form the outline.

The introduction comes first. The introduction has a thesis statement that reveals the topic and the classification. Therefore, the introduction usually justifies the categories for the classification essay. The body forms the second part of a classification essay. Each category forms separate paragraphs with the less critical group at the first paragraph. The second category forms the second paragraph. The most important category forms the last paragraph of the body. Each of the classes in the paragraphs should follow one organizing principle. Then, a conclusion forms the last part of a classification paper. At this section, the essay writer provides a summary of the elaborated groups and then reiterates the thesis statement.

How to write a thesis statement

Thesis statement usually justifies the groups of selected classification. When authors write a thesis statement, they should consider the theme, the classification, and the chosen group. Therefore, the thesis should inform the reader on the topic of the essay and the groups. For example, tourists in Ontario can participate in three water sports: sailing, snorkeling, and surfing; as for the students, they can get three benefits: cultural exchange, education, and experience.

How to write an introduction

When writing an introduction, students should identify the topic and the group for classification. Besides, the subject should be evident in an informative detail to attract the reader and provide the objective of the essay. Lastly, the writer should give thesis statement at the end of the introduction that provides clarity n the original approach.

How to write the body paragraphs: Tips on body writing

The various tips for writing the body paragraphs include:

  • Determination of the categories
  • Classify the groups using a single principle
  • Follow the organization outline with least efficient approach to most effective approach
  • Provide examples that support the different types
  • Use classical transitions

How to finish classification essays: Tips on conclusion writing

When concluding a classification essay, authors should hook the conclusion back to the introduction. Such approaches unify the paper and bring about the completeness of the paper. Students should give a final comment on each category and summarise the value of the essay. Besides, writers should emphasize on purpose and reiterate a thesis statement.

Tips on paper revision

Once a student finishes the writing, it is essential to revise the work. The student should read the essay aloud to note errors. Besides, invite a friend to read your paper to identify the mistakes within it. Separately, run the text on Grammarly software to correct spelling, grammar, vocabulary and sentence errors before submission.

Classification essay sample

Ways of Quitting Smoking

Are you a smoker who feels it is time to get rid of the habit? Well, it is true that quitting smoking is not a day’s decision. Most of the smokers are addicts of nicotine and find it difficult to live without the substance for a single moment. In many cases, you have been insisting on quitting and that is a right decision. Basically, smokers can use the three steps: set a date for quitting, resist tempting environments and go for medication.

Smokers should set a date when to start quitting. The best way to choose a quitting time is setting a date that falls within a month. A date that falls within the month when a smoker makes a decision is essential since it does not take long to start the journey of quitting. Thus, it gives the smoker an ample time for rationalization of smoking hence reverse the quitting decision. Furthermore, the immediate date ensures that the smoker takes time to develop a strategy for quitting and review all the possible ways to avoid failure.

For example, a smoker can take two to three weeks to plan the best-quitting strategy efficiently and begins the program quickly. Besides, the smoker uses the time to identify emotional and physical activities such as going to the gym, swimming or working overtime. Such activities help to replace the nicotine roles. Contrarily, a smoker who takes a whole month to begin quitting may decide to reverse the decision and start smoking again.

The second category is the resistance of tempting situations. Smokers who are determined to quit their habits of smoking entirely avoid the urge of nicotine in all the variations. The smoker should stay away from other smokers, visit different locations, prevent the company of drinkers and should not expose himself from the secondary smoke. Such activities help the smoker to avoid the psychological effect of nicotine. Instead, the smoker should develop new actions and behaviors such as taking juice and water to replace the drink that accompanied smoking habit such as alcohol.

The third way of quitting smoking is medication. Smoke quitters should seek for medicine in case they find it difficult to cope when they are dependent on nicotine. The smoker should have access to nicotine replacement therapies such as patch, gum, inhalers, nasal sprays and lozenges. Such replacements have small doses of nicotine that give the body a deteriorating amount of nicotine to avoid the physical shock of the body. Such therapies are only prescribed by a qualified physician to determine the extent of treatment for the smoker.

In a nutshell, a smoker loves the habit of smoking and finds it difficult to quit. Even though smokers see the practice as a cool behavior, it has negative repercussions such as addiction. Consequently, the body becomes at risk of health diseases such as cancer, stroke, and heart attack among others. Therefore, it is crucial to quit smoking beginning with a personal decision and setting a date to stop. Besides, it is essential to engage replacement activities and seek medical assistance to quit the habit completely.

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