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An Analysis of the Poem “Eating Alone” (Book Report Sample)


This is an analysis of the poem "eating alone" by lee, li-young


An Analysis of the Poem “Eating Alone”
An Analysis of the Poem “Eating Alone”
The persona in "Eating Alone" poem is a farmer who works hard on his/her farm to grow onions, green peas, and rice. The principal theme of the poem is loneliness. The narrator demonstrates elevated levels of lonesomeness when he/she provides the description of the surroundings. The place on which the narrator stands comes out as a garden that has no one else around except the narrator. The garden is also bare after the harvesting of the remaining onions. The description gives a clear image of the view that an individual can have when in the area, while seeing the narrator standing alone in the bare garden with his/her farming tools (Lee 1).
The mood of the poem is “sad.” In the second stanza, the narrator describes his/her experience with his/her father in the previous years. The narrator’s father died some years ago, but the memories still remain in the mind of the narrator and brings him/her sadness when he/she remembers his/her father. The third stanza also shows the sadness that the narrator has when he/she tries to wave to his/her father after seeing him, only to realize that his/her father is not anywhere around the garden (Lee 1).
The subject matter of the poem is egocentrism. The narrator comes out as an individual who eats in solitude. It is common for persons to share meals, but the narrator displays an uncommon behavior of the tightfistedness. He/she has a strong likeness for food. This is manifested in the last stanza where the narrator concludes with satisfaction that there is nothing else he/she may need. He/she made the remarks after seeing that the green peas and shrimp were ready, while the rice was almost set for servi...
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