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Various Characters in a Book: Eugene O'Neill (Don Parritt) (Book Report Sample)



Plays Character Analysis
Eugene O'Neill (Don Parritt)
The character that is for Don Parritt in the play is based on a young man who had the name, Donald Vose. Donald was the son of a woman who was involved in Anarchist movements. As a young man, in 1914 Donald was able to tell the police about the movement of the Anarchist to the police. This resulted in the anarchist becoming infuriated. His actions were considered to be a betrayal of the whole movement and to his mother who was a member of the Anarchist movement. In the creation of the play, the writer tried to combine the story from Donald to the experiences of the character who was Don Parritt. Like the character that he played Don was faced with many issues in relation to his mother relations. Don was in need of his maternal attention and this resulted in him facing challenges as he was growing up (Eugene, et al 35). The problems of addition that he faced resulted in him having attention problems and the relations that existed.
Another thing that happened in the life of the Don was that he was desperate after a failed marriage. This resulted in him attempting to have a suicide. The writer of the play attempted suicide at Jimmy who was the priest. The author of the play tries to unintentionally reveal the primary personality complexities. The character of Don is a complex and as it is played nothing has to be lost for the essence of the play. The experience that Don has which are almost related to the experience of Donald who he plays helps the character to come out more clearly.
As the youngest of the other members of the cast, he enters the play as a complete stranger to the setup. The only persons that he is familiar with are Larry and Hugo. The relationship that he was able to forge with Larry may sound like a soap opera but was an important one. Since Larry loved Don's mother since he was a young boy then the relationship between the two was still able to continue to grow (O'Neill and Michael 106). There was a point in which Parritt was wondering if Larry was even his dad. Although as the play continue we come to find out that Larry was not actually the father of Parritt but just a friend who was close to him. When Parritt is in need of help he turns to Larry for help as he believes since he is a father finger he would be able to help him. In the play, we find out that Larry on his part does not want anything to do with the kid's problems although it is no what Parritt may be needing from him.
In terms of his character it can be found out in the play that Parritt is shifty and shady. This may be due to the reason that he is a stranger or just a young kid. In the play, Parritt may come out a young man who is untrustworthy but the writer, O’Neill tries to put the play in a way that the reader can be able to sympathize with him. In the beginning, it can be seen that Parritt may be wanting help from Larry. However, as the play goes on he is able to admit that he sold out his own mother. This shows that Parritt would go after material things over the betrayal of his mother. The author of the play is able to show clearly the deep human psyche. The young man needs to hear from another source that he has done something wrong and that he does not deserve to live. When he comes to Larry he is seeking redemption although at the back of his mind he knows that he has done something wrong. According to the timeline of the play, he finally hears what he needs to hear that he does not deserve to live. This results in Parritt committing suicide.
Death of a salesman (Willy Loman)
In the play a sixty-year-old salesman who lives in Brooklyn but is a man with powerful aspirations to be able to succeed. The plays show that Loman has worked for many. Although after the many years of working he feels defeated. The success that he had hoped to have is difficult to come by. He also experiences difficulties in his family. The first problem is that he has a strained relationship with his oldest son while his wife is dutiful. As a salesman, he is able to focus on his personal details since he believes that that the success that he acquires on a personal level is more important than the success from the business world.
Willy is portrayed as a rather an insecure guy who feels better by mastering the art of lying to himself as well as his family in order to feel better. This results in him being a successful businessman in a world that is faced by many delusions (Tag, Shadow and Louise 177). He is always trying to maintain a certain image which he feels will be a better platform for him to be successful. Despite his efforts to be a better person, he is not a well-liked person. This means that he cannot drive completely alone with time as he is about to become an older man. He is left to cling to the belief of achieving the American Dream, which is a promise that anyone who has invested in themselves and feels as though they are well liked can be able to make it in America. He also tries to cover the lies that he has been telling the family but his son, Biff find out about the lies. He then chooses to alienate his son instead of facing the reality of his lies. This affects him to a life down spiral.
As his life take a toll he tries to escape as he feels he needs to move to a place that will be convenient and will not be judged. As he tries to escape he then decides to take his life. This shows that he is willing to take anything from his son that he was cheating on his mother with another lady. As he decides to kill himself he feels deluded as he has not been able to achieve any of his goals and all the money he had would not be used to start the business. Since his life was always in pursuit of being the perfect salesman therefore before he dies he notes that it is the death of a perfect salesman.
Willy can be concluded to be a person who believed in the success of being a sales person. This results in him living a lie to his family. The lies make a delusional man who is not living in the reality of things. Lying to his son in the hope that it would help his course only makes the situation harder for him. The more he is involved in telling lies the further he moves from the reality of things. His son Biff is the only one who releases that the family lived in lies and tries to make sure he faces the truth.
A Raisin in the Sun (Beneatha Younger)
The character of Beneatha Younger is a college student who is in her twenties. She is the daughter of Lena. She is an attractive younger lady whose way of communication is better than that of the other family members as she is college. She atheist who speaks her mind strongly on what she believes in. though a strong minded person some of the things that she may say may be able to affect the people that are around her. She is very proud of her Nigerian heritage. There are always collisions...
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