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Arruda: The One Thing Successful People Do Every Day (Book Report Sample)


I was required to read a book and then give a personal opinion regarding a few issues

Story of Success
Story of Success
In his article, The One Thing Successful People Do Every Day, Arruda (p.1) defines success as the feeling of fulfillment somebody gets when they achieve whatever they have been working hard for. Success has different meanings depending on the context. In the current education system, the successful student is one who scores A’s in all the subjects. Students, who might have achieved their learning objectives and felt a sense of achievement, might not be considered as "successful" if they do not attain the right grades. In the work place, the most successful employee is the one who beats targets set by his or her superiors. The said employee may not be happy about the job or achievements, but he/ she will be considered successful regardless. In politics, the successful candidate is the one who wins the election no matter the means they used- fair or dubious. Among the middle class, the successful person is the one with a good house, car, career and a big salary (they usually do not own businesses) to top it off.
Arruda (p.2) further notes, an achievement is not success unless it brings a feeling of fulfillment. If somebody rakes in millions of dollars from a job they do not like, that is not success. The same applies to people that cheat- theirs is not success because they never worked for it. Arruda (p.3) goes on to state what somebody should do for them to be successful in the one thing they are working hard towards. This essay is about the success story of Richard Branson- the founder of the Virgin Group that comprises of over 400 companies around the world. The essay also looks at the social and external factors, as discussed in Gladwell’s book, which played a role towards his success.
Born in 18 July 1958, Richard Branson is a self-made entrepreneur from England. He was raised in Blackhealth London together with his two sisters. ( Because Richard was suffering from dyslexia, he performed poorly in school. He always came last in his class hence the object of ridicule among his peers. At the age of 16, Branson dropped out of Stowe, an independent school. On the last day of school, the head teacher told him, "You will end up in prison or become a millionaire" ( During those days, education was literally the "key to success”. Anybody who did not perform well in their academics was seen as failure with no hope for the future. Branson’s first business was a student magazine named ‘The Student Magazine’ that he ran from a church. In the magazine were various advertisements for events that were popular among students. As fate would have it, Branson lived in a neighborhood with many high schools hence the magazine became an instant success. He made more sales than many mainstream magazines.
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