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The Book Review Of Ernest Hemingway’s Bestseller "The Sun Also Rises" (Book Review Sample)



Name: Instructor: Course: Date: ERNEST HEMINGWAY’S THE SUN ALSO RISES The Novel ‘The Sun Also Rises’ mostly shows James Barnes who is the narrator memory of the war that in the novel has been recognised in terms of allusions, imagery and the story of wounding which is recurring in Jakes life. In this complex, wounding, poetic novel and war constitute allusions major pattern. The events in almost the entire novel are shaped by a wounding recurring story pattern. The three-part action sequence begins with going to a place of threat, emotional wounding and finally followed Jake’s retreat to a recuperation place. The novel is about Jake Barnes who is the protagonist and Brett Ashley. Jake, the American Journalist, is shown to live in Paris. Brett is an English woman who was divorced twice. Also, she had many love affairs, which were characterised by the sexual freedom. In the Novel, Brett breaks off her friendship with Jake for having an affair with Robert Cohn. CITATION Har07 \l 2057 (Harold)However, the book features many war cases that imposed effects to several characters. This research will focus on the effects of war on the characters identified. The discussion will also explain how the person reacts to fear as well as the difference the men and the women. In the novel The Sun Also Rises, War has been portrayed as an essential element. The war has an influence in every character together with their relationships in this book. World War 1 had a great impact on every of the characters in the book The Sun Also Rises in one way or another. The war in this book is depicted as the main reason for the great paid that many of the characters suffered. It haunts many characters in the story. Some of the characters in the novel that are affected greatly by the war are the main character Jake and her girlfriend, Brett. Ernest Hemingway featured many incidences that outlined the effects of war on the individuals. Through the reaction from the people affected by the war, the author revealed the difference between men and women. World War I, being the period in which the book was written affected several characters in the book as follows. The main character in this story is Jake Barnes. He is also the narrator of this story. Jake is affected by the war in many ways. First, his love relationship with Brett is negatively impacted by the war. The war caused Jake to reduce in his masculinity. Although Brett loved Jake very much, the fact that she could not be sexually satisfied caused her betrayal to him. This could not only be blamed for her sexual desires, but also on the fact that she was physically driven. During the world war 1, Jake was injured. The resulting wound from the war makes him unable to have sexual intercourse. The war in this story is shown to have an impact on anyone who experienced it, either psychologically or physically. Jake pushes Georgette who is a prostitute away when she tries to kiss him. We see her asking Jake “What is the matter, Jake? Are you sick? ‘Yes.’’ Georgette answers: “Everyone’s sick. And I am too’’ CITATION Hem06 \l 2057 (Hemingway). The fact that Jake could not satisfy him at that state opened the way for her to look for a man who could satisfy her. To justify her reasons, Brett complained of many things about Jake. For example, she explained that when Jake touches her, she does turn to the jelly. Due to his poor, healthy condition, Jake was forced to live as for the condition. CITATION Dai09 \l 2057 (Daiker) Moreover, the weakening of the ego may be another effect of the way to Jake. Since World War I was fought within the channels, it was a preparation for men to become heroes in their fights. Consequently, most of the members were fighting as the groups. Since being in a group was a collective responsibility, many questions were raised among the members about their roles in the war. Jake lost his relationship with Brett when he was fronted to reject the true love. CITATION For01 \l 2057 (Forter)Brett had expected Jake to be emotionally confident. For this reason, it was her expectation that Jake would continuously be available for her. However, the war was one of the affairs that engaged him much that he could not attend to the concerns of Brett. As a result, Brett could live Jake and pursue other affairs. For instance, Jake could see Brett with the homosexual men in the bar. Consequently, Jake could be angry for witnessing Brett’s flirtatious feelings. What was ironical is that the only feeling Jake had for Brett was the simple feeling of love. In addition, Jake could not really express himself about his love for Brett. Jakes injury precise nature is however not explicitly mentioned. The mysteriousness that surrounds the wound that Jake has becomes clear in a conversation that occurs between Bill and Jake in their fishing trip. From their conversation as Bill puts it, some of the women claimed that Jake was impotent while some supported him. As he says, he just had an accident. Jakes illusions are stripped from him, and the world as his wound has been catastrophic that he gave in to it earlier or show the emotional strength that is required to survive it. Although Jake considered his handicap from most of the numerous angles, he is shown to struggle with it. He realises that to other people, his wound is aa joke. He tries to get ways that could make him cope with his injury. He also searches ways in which he could live in the world despite the struggle. Due to lack of masculinity, Jake has problems in coping with Brett, his lover. She is physically driven, and she realises that he will never satisfy her despite that she loves him. As she says, when he touches her, she turns to jelly where she later says that she "could never live quietly in the country...with her true love." (34, 62). CITATION Hem06 \l 2057 (Hemingway). Jake is however coerced to go with her decision on their relationship as she wants it that way. Love is nurtured by faithfulness. Brett breaks up the faithfulness in their love relationship by having affairs with other people. Although Jake was not able to fully satisfy her demands, the faithfulness committed to their love was to be kept appealing despite the condition experienced. Through Brett, the author reveals how people reacted to the impacts of World War 1. From Brett’s experience, the war caused breakups in many families. Furthermore, Jake needed Brett much. He wanted to be loved just as he loved her. On the other hand, Brett had opened up to love Jake, despite the condition. Unfortunately, Jake was castrated during the World War 1. Following this, he could not fulfil Brett’s sexual desires. As a result, Brett felt agonised to be close to Jake. Being made impotent during the war was one of the impacts that negatively affected. Being a casualty of war, Jake at least to rebuild himself emotionally using the food, fishing as well as friendship. After the war, Jake decided to live morally, despite the disappointments. Apart from Jakes sexual problems, he may also possess a weak ego due to war. Not many people stood as heroes as the world War I was fought in trenches. Everyone was coerced to fighting as a group and shared every glory that they could achieve. This however made most of the people to question their reason for being in a war and the life overview. Therefore, when Jake faced the rejection from Brett, he was at a loss. Though he believed differently, he gave into his girlfriend’s relational views. For instance, when saw Brett with homosexual men in the bar, he was angry. He had problems in dealing with her flirtatious ways. The feelings he has, are justified by his incapability to stand up for what he believes and simple love that he has for her. However, Jake fails to uphold his moral sense after the World War 1 in several ways. For instance, he hurt Robert Cohn when he sets up Brett with Pedro Romero. In fact, his main reason was to destroy Cohn. Additionally, rapturing of the World War 1 prevented Jake from getting back to America, as a result. This is because he was much comfortable, sharing the first-hand experience of the first-hand war. Although Jake faces rejection from is close friends, he does not give up. Instead, he is meant to understand how people might sometimes be treated, especially when one is in great trouble. Unlike the people who happened to reject him, Jake, nature, on the other hand, becomes kind of Jake’s situation. For instance, upon venturing into nature, Jake often would be rejuvenated. The fact that that the World War left him unstable did not pin him down. Instead, he rose up and moved on with life positively. The author has also outlined different reactions as well as opinions about men and women. For example, the novel outlines Jake as being less manly that other characters. He represents the people in the society who are ready to fight to the end without giving up. Several instances justify this. For instance, Jake became so angry with the homosexual men and seeing Brett his girlfriend spending time with them in the bar. Through this, Jake regards the homosexuality to an inauthentic form of life. In this regard, Jake is considered to be inauthentic as well as lacking masculinity. This is justified by the fact that just like the homosexual men, he could not have a sexual relationship with a woman. His masculinity is lost. As a result, he is reduced from manhood. Unlike Jake who was portrayed to struggle with masculinity, Romero represents the most masculine. He is regarded as more confident, upright, self-assured and competent. In the novel, Brett is attracted to Romero for the same reasons. It is believed that Jake was, therefore, undermining Romero’s masculinity when brings on board Brett. On the other hand, the author is regarded as hostile to women. For instance, in the novel, women are portrayed as objects that are subjected to man service. In addit...
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