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Write Review On The Book The Train To Crystal City (Book Review Sample)


I was to write a review on the book The Train to Crystal City

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The Train to Crystal City
The Train to Crystal City by Jan Jarboe Russell which took place in Crystal City, Texas during the World War II is an engaging, fascinating and sobering look at a military which brings up many controversial topics. The book brings one important idea which is how America creates the minorities with different culture than most into the enemy. An age-old question is why discriminatory action still exists. Governments, societies and individual people create the minorities into the enemy by treating them poorly, abusing them and excluding them because of their variances.
Why are individuals treated as minorities? This is a problem that the author has identified as it has been carried until today. The main reason why this problem still exists is that people are not willing to accept their differences with the minorities. The difference is that the majority still feels that it is the responsibility of the “others” to assimilate to them in order to make life stress-free. Nevertheless, during the World War II in America, it was never a point of concern whether German or Japanese Americans assimilated themselves into the American culture. The author represents the inhumanity of this idea in The Train to Crystal City and how this issue is a worldwide habit that requires to be smashed.
The author of The Train to Crystal City also reveals the impacts of exclusion on all the prisoners. The prisoners were totally banned from a ordinary life. This is evident when Ingrid reported that, “the confinement is crushing,” (Jarboe, 104). This was a heartless adjustment that all the internees had faced. This is also illustrated in the book by the author when he states, “Once the internees are inside the barbed-wire fence, they would be inmates too, living under continuous surveillance by the armed guards. All of their mail would be censored, and even Lothar’s comic books would be examined for coded messages. Trainees would be the daily focus to inspections,” (Jarboe 84). This is an illustration that shows how the German families were treated like inmates. This unjustness by the government is shown in this excerpt. It looks obvious that restricting the minorities from their daily normal lives as well as enforcing to laws that is against their rights would make them rate America as an enemy to them.
From The Train to Crys...
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