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Book Review Assignment: Macbeth By William Shakespeare (Book Review Sample)


review macbeth play

Macbeth is a short tragic play written by William Shakespeare between late 16th century and early 17th century. It is a classic play set in medieval Scotland laced with a historical true account of events. Shakespeare’s Macbeth depicts a bloody rise to power coupled with a tragic downfall of a once fearsome warrior, Macbeth. The play also adds a supernatural dimensional accompaniment that conspires bringing down Macbeth and his kingdom. Upon his success at being a soldier in King Duncan’s army, Macbeth is informed by the Three Witches that he is primed to become King. With one another, these women address him like women of the very lowest class. Consistently, this is the very class the society deems them to belong. They appear reserved and sure of what they deliver, like they have a guiding spirit solemnly binding their words. Shakespeare’s drafting of them in this play draws the historical resemblance to the status quo projected by women at this point in time. Following this troubling discourse, a surprising crime takes place. Duncan, an astute man, probably the best of the kings, asleep and defenseless is murdered by his presumed subject. Ironically it is a subject cherished with honors, gifts and rewards that takes the King’s life. Natural motives alone do not provide satisfactory explanation for this. Shakespeare provides insight into an individual’s quest for power, motivated by hatred and animosity yielding the unlikely of the temptations.
The three sisters surprise Macbeth that his victory has been gratified by the unlikely events, fate. In reality, it’s an orchestration that it’s way beyond the assumption. Laced with a fiery eloquence, Macbeth’s wife urges him to take up the opportunity. Macbeth repents although with half the conscience, recent memories never leaving his mind day and night. This puts him through a tumultuous confusion, his glorified soldier days do not hold up when he dreads the prospect of the life to come. Clinging to the anxiety of his earthly existence, the more miserable he became. Macbeth’s mental strength threatens to withdraw from its body. He becomes vain and isolated. All his noble qualities are in ruins, left only with his brevity to admire with a cowardly conscience. Macbeth’s success nevertheless does not overshadow the old prophecy, inviting Banquo to his royalty. Banquo and his son arrive with a plan to go for a riding out that night. Macbeth plan to murder Banquo is successful with Fleance, Banquo’s son escaping narrowly. This does not auger well with Macbeth’s reign with a surviving Banquo’s son. It is only after this series of events that Banquo’s ghost starts appearing, haunting Macbeth.
With the old prophecy still taking up his memory, Macbeth makes contact with the same witches that installed him into power seeking out to understand the old prophecy. He does not dread the revelation that he should look out for the threat posed by Macduff. Another revelation is made that no child born of a woman shall harm him. This is followed up by the prophecy revealing a crown child stating Macbeth’s safety until the Great Birnam Wood comes to Dansinane Hill. Macbeth’s memory is shattered because he cannot make sense of the prophecy preferring to ask if Banquo’s son will ever reign in Scotland. Overcome with his own insecurity and guilt, he is vainly withdrawn from his own thoughts. The witches bring forth a procession of eight crowned kings resembling Banquo’s son all drawn from countries that Banquo’s descendants had acquired kingship. Macbeth’s paranoia and the desire to keep the kingship among his descendants is put to test when Lennox enters after the witches mad dance informing Macbeth that Macduff had fled England. Shakespeare’s portrayal of deceit and greed for...
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