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Book Review Of The Short Story Othello By William Shakespeare (Book Review Sample)


Book Review of the short story Othello by William Shakespeare

A review of Othello by William Shakespeare.
Othello is without doubt one of the greatest literature written by the English Poet William Shakespeare. Although originally derived from a short-story Shakespeare skillfully coins it then adapts the piece making it one of his greatest tragedies ever. It is a difficult screed and takes time to comprehend and get through, therefore I solely recommend it to people who like classics and have patience. William Shakespeare was an English poet, actor, play writer and he is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. It is not clearly stated when the enigma was born, but he died on 23rd April 1616 Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
Othello promotes Cassio as a lieutenant despite his lack of experience in the field as he thinks he is more tactical and strategic as compared to Iago. Iago is left out. The latter vows to revenge out of jealousy. Othello afterwards in great secret marries Desdemona and Barbanto alleges that Othello is using witchcraft to woe his daughter into marriage. By marrying Othello, Desdemona wanted to disapprove the society which is brainwashed as it confines women, she uses her education as a tool of empowerment and rises above the detrimental societal norms. Unfortunately she is murdered after being wrongly accused of adultery.
Desdemona,being so meek and of good character is too naive to stand up for herself and protest against the injustices bestowed upon her. This becomes one of her shortcomings and flaws which consequently leads to her unquestionable death.
The characters in the play are manipulated in a way that perfectly suits them. Deception is so loud and runs through the play. For example Desdemona manoeuvre with deceit as she does not want her father to learn about her engagement to Othello. She did not want her father to go through a lot of pain. Although it is inevitable Desdemona plays the delay tactic but eventually her father dies.
Desdemona further deceives her husband and this comes back consuming her as Iago utilizes and builds on her lies. As a show of love and fidelity in her marriage, Othello gives her a handkerchief. It was the one her mother used to keep his father faithful, oblivious of this Desdemona misplaces it and fails to remember where she placed it. When Othello inquires she lies about its where about. The handkerchief is used as a concrete evidence bring out her infidelity. If she could have said the truth the play would have shifted and Iago would have no substantive evidence to pinpoint her infidelity. Emilia therefore could have decided on another course of action.
Roderigo on the other end is blinded by the love of Desdemona and he is prepared to go through thick and thin to win her heart. Iago utilizes this loophole to work against him. Cassie is also manipulated and lured into drinking by Iago and starts a fight. This ruins his reputation leading to his demotion as a lieutenant. Iago maliciously places Desdemona's handkerchief in his chamber so that it is understood that Cassie and Desdemona are having an affair. This goes down to manipulate Othello to think that his wife is an infidel.
Shakespeare brings out Iago as an honest soldier who can be counted upon on th...
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