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Book Review of Fish Wielder by J. R. R. R.(Jim) Hardison (Book Review Sample)


It is a book review.

Book Review of Fish Wielder by J. R. R. R.(Jim) Hardison.
This is one of the most rib-cracking books I have ever read. I sincerely appreciate Jim for his fascinating use of humor to build up the shocking twists in the plot. It is a fantasy genre written in hilarious and ludicrous way yet awesome. In the magical land of Grome there is harmony and creatures which are mythical stay alongside each other. The leader of the Bad religion, wants to rule over and enslave the residents using a long magical pudding. Thoral Might Fish, his warlord horse and Bradfast a talking fish are the ones to salvage the land from the vicious supernatural force. Thoral suffers from depression which makes him drink like a sponge,he is courageous,he stands his head up high but he has lesser brains. Brad prompts Thoral so that they go and engage in an activity which is hazardous and he agrees. This is how gradually Jim Hardison makes us sink our teeth in this hilarious parody.
The title page warning "this is work of fiction, everything in this book is fake" grabs you and throws better insights in the plot. As one reads, the story is ridiculous, but the characters takes a positive trajectory, growing into more concrete,believable and likeable people. The story progresses in such unpredictable way and this arouses my curiosity on what will happen next. The little jokes thrown here and there, not only makes me giggle, but get me glued to the book in such a way that I did not notice the world around me. The pace is fast and never gets bogged down.
At some point though, I felt the book was so superficial and lacked details on the world of Grome. The myria...
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