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The Book Review Of William Shakespeare's Bestseller "Romeo And Julie" (Book Review Sample)



ROMEO AND JULIET Name: Course: Professor: Institution: Date: Juliet in the play Romeo and Juliet is the protagonist together with Romeo. She is the protagonist considering the character development and character change she goes through in this play. Juliet originally may just look as a young and vulnerable thirteen years old, but this is not the case as she goes through a lot of transformation through out every act in this story. It is the challenges that Juliet faces that helps in shaping her character to what she becomes at the end of the play. Most of this transformation takes place as a result of the intense love She receives from her suitor Romeo. Juliet progressively develops to a mature, independent and courageous girl. In the first scene of the play, we see Juliet as a shy, obedient, innocent and complacent girl. As specified by Lady Capulet who is her mother, she is not yet fourteen years. Juliet being young and naïve is very compliant to her parents and everyone. Just like her mother did, most of the girls of her age would be getting married. This is very unlike Juliet who never has at any time thought of marriage. We learn that she has never contemplated marrying where she says "It is an honour that I dream not of”. This is one of the response that illustrates the childish traits that she had. Another instance is where her mother Lady Capulet asks her what she thinks on of wooing Paris. Juliet responds to her mother that she will access Paris and determine if she would like him and if it will make her develop any attraction to him, if it does, she will wait for permission from her mother. She says "I'll look to like, if looking liking move, but no more deep will I endart mine eye than your consent gives it the strength to make it fly." This shows that she has a submissive behaviour. She doesn’t know what she likes and doesn’t have her own principles and doesn’t know to make decisions. This is the reason she says that she will wait for her mother’s permission. However, her view on marrying where she said before that she doesn’t consider marrying changes when she meets Romeo. Where she never thought she would love, she now becomes more willing to have a relationship and to love. Her love for Romeo intensifies where she confesses that she loves Romeo at the balcony. We see her say “Take all myself”. This means that she had finally fallen in love with Romeo. Her marriage interests when she meets Romeo also changes. She was never interested I n marriage before she met her lover Romeo. We see Juliet continuing to grow to a grown up and a more independent lady in act three. This for instance is demonstrated when the Nurse gives her the news that Romeo killed Tybalt. This incident makes her reject Romeo and consider him as just another Montague. She is originally torn with grief feelings towards Tybalt. Juliet scolds the Nurse when she says “Shame come to Romeo". Her conflict with Romeo is settled by the love she has for him. In act three she says "My husband lives, that Tybalt would have slain; And Tybalt's dead, that would have slain my husband. All this is a comfort.". She understands Romeo and solves this conflict which could have ended their marriage. Juliet later in scene five says that if everything fails, she would never marry Paris and would rather take her life. This shows that she is now grown and can make her own decisions and stand with them. No one could force her to marry someone she would never be happy with in her life. Another boldness that Juliet displays in this scene is standing against her father who had found a man for her. She tells him that he is not comfortable with him, but she is thankful. She tells him that she can never be proud of something that she detests. She tells her father “Proud can I never be of what I hate.” In Elizabethan times, this was not condoned as the head of the house was the father and had the authority to make a decision which was final. The father had authority over everyone else. However, Juliet breaks this law to fight for her love and independence. She lost faith with her family who wanted to marry her to men of their choice. She fought for her rights and freedom which clearly displays boldness. Juliet displays bravery by opting to take Friar’s portion instead of being forced to marry Paris. She was ready to do anything that it takes to be with Romeo, her lover. Friar and Juliet came up with a plan that could help Juliet and Romeo be together when Romeo was banished from Gerona because of killing Tybalt. Juliet was given a portion by Friar that would make her sleep and appear dead such that no one would realize the trick. Friar wa...
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