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Literature & Language
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The Struggles and Journey in Life in "The Pilgrim’s Progress" (Book Review Sample)


Introduction to begin with an attention-getter and end with the thesis statement
State a minimum of three points in the thesis, each point to evidence quality and unity
Six paragraphs
Conclusion to begin with a restatement of the thesis and end with results/solutions/effects, a prediction of the topic’s future influence, a relevant quotation (cited), or a summary
Use keywords from the thesis in each topic sentence
Use transitions within and between points
Include in each paragraph a clincher to creatively restates the topic sentence


The Pilgrim’s Progress
Name of Student
Name of Institution
The Pilgrim’s Progress
The allegory “The Pilgrim’s Progress” written by John Bunyan seems to portray extraordinaire the struggle that one faces daily throughout life and the journey that a believer goes around during their faith’s journey. Pilgrim’s Progress would be a piece of literature written in the English dialect that shows a believer’s journey in addition to the perilous journey that a believer embarks on throughout their lifetime. The novel “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan incorporates several scriptural allegories. These allegories may be seen throughout the names of the characters, in addition to the actions that the protagonists take part in. An allegory seems to be a kind of narrative that, depending on how it is read, may be construed to have a more profound or covert significance. Figurative language may be used for the book’s interpretations of writing and other means of comprehending its meanings beyond its literal surface. The book’s central message is rooted in the Christian worldview but surpasses religion, discussing the challenges of living in today’s world and the need to have a calm and conscientious attitude throughout one’s life, the struggle that one faces daily throughout life and the journey that a believer goes around during their faith’s journey.
In the course of the action depicted in the story of Pilgrim’s Progress, the central character comes into contact with several other characters that are known by the identities of various qualities. Mr. Worldly Wise, Obstinate, Prudence, or even Pliable are a few of the personalities who appear in this story. The spectator has been provided a clue into each character’s

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