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The Digital World's Opaque Seas and Knowledge Deluge (Book Review Sample)


THE TASK is a review of the book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century written by Yuval Noah Harari. He has described 21 themes from the current century and the message conveyed by them. IT GIVES A GREAT UNDERSTANDING OF TECHNOLOGY, POLITICS, HISTORY, AND CURRENT ISSUES IN A SIMPLE WAY.ALSO, IT GIVES AN IDEA ABOUT THE MODERN WORLD IN THE NEAR FUTURE.


The Digital World's Opaque Seas and Knowledge Deluge
The book 21 Lessons for the 21st century, which cuts through the digital world's opaque seas and knowledge deluge, tackles the most urgent problems humanity is currently facing. Political, technical, social, and existential concerns are clarified in the book, showing how they impact people's day-to-day activities worldwide.
This book investigates the major concerns influencing the twenty-first century and the lessons that may be drawn from them. First, people tend to think about stories rather than facts, contributing to information overload. This explains the strength of twentieth-century liberal, fascist, and communist myths. As a result, one presumes that a coherent story exists (Harari, 2018). Second, the appearance of technologically enhanced superhumans is predicted as artificial intelligence (AI) advances. According to Harari, humanity will not abandon the liberal narrative because there are low satisfactory alternatives. Three, even though some individuals outperform robots independently, it may make logical to automate all humans with machines. Four, AI can help to create new human jobs instead of completely replacing humans. According to automation, 31 percent of fatal crashes occurred in 2012. 

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