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Book Review Health, Medicine, Nursing Book Review Paper (Book Review Sample)


I was writing the book review of Refer madness by Eric schlosser


Book Review
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Book Review
From the bestselling author of Fast Food Nation, the American market yet again encounters another captivating title Refer Madness by Eric Schlosser. Divided into three sections, the author goes into details to examine drugs, illegal immigrant labor trading and finally pornography in America. He narrates irresistible stories of crime and punishment as well as an enlightening glimpse at the actual activities of the underground economy. The events of the book concentrate on two characters; Mark Young of Indiana and Reuben Sturman. The latter was sentenced to life imprisonment due to a relatively minor role in a drug deal. Reuben was a very mysterious Ohio man. He built and controlled a powerful empire which dealt with the distribution of pornography but later was proven guilty and arrested. Schlosser targets the nation’s drug laws and the prevalent hypocrisy to imprison pornographers but on the other hand allows indentured servitude in the strawberry fields of California. Literally, the surface matters seem pretty exciting and colorful. However, Schlosser’s keen examination of the three black economies presents crucial and very timely news to Americans. Refer Madness is a book, the kind of practical reporting worthy to push readers to make better choices on values that are equally worthy fighting for.

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