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Effects of Prostrate Cancer to Individual's Life (Book Review Sample)


Provide a two-paged review of the article provided.


Nursing Article Review
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Nursing Article Review
The theoretical framework in the article is based on the periods of experience that prostate cancer patients are affiliated to in their lives. The research reviews three main stages, taking in (the diagnosis), taking hold (experience), and taking on (survival). This research reviews that each of these stages require psychological support so that a patient effectively deals with prostate cancer. This research also reviews the role of psychological support in the stages named above. In theory, this article describes the needs of prostate cancer through the three main stages. In each stage, these needs change depending on the patient’s environment. The model of needs for prostate cancer is centered on support needs from family, survivors, and education. This model relies on relationships and information to build a better flow of support between the stages of having the condition. Understanding the desires of prostate cancer patients, therefore, depends on the experience of the men with the disease.

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