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Escape From Bataan: Memoir of a U.S. Navy Ensign in the Philippines (Book Review Sample)


Each student will write a book review of Escape from Bataan: Memoir of a U.S. Navy Ensign in the Philippines, October 1941 to May 1942. The editor, David L. Snead, argues that the memoir “provides a very unique look at the experiences of a junior naval officer who survived the harrowing defense of the Philippines.” In the 3-page book review, you must use specific examples from the memoir to evaluate whether you agree with the editor’s thesis or not. Use footnotes when citing your examples. See directions below for footnotes.
The review must include an examination of the following topics: Supply Corps training, service in the Philippines before the war, the experience of a naval ensign as American forces retreated and resisted the Japanese, and Hofmann’s escape from the Philippines.
The review must be a full 3 pages, be double-spaced, have margins of 1-inch, and include page numbers. Consult and use the course’s “Tips for Reading and Writing in History” on Blackboard before submitting the review. The review must be submitted as a Word document.


Escape from Bataan
Escape from Bataan
From 1939 to 1945, the world was tormented by the deadliest war the world had ever observed. World War II brought about upwards of 60 million passing’s and a stain that would perpetually deface the essence of world history. After the besieging of Pearl Harbor in 1941, America authoritatively entered the war, and a large number of American troops were murdered or injured. Escape from Bataan is a journal investigating the occasions of a youthful U.S. naval officer's life previously, amid, and after the war.
On June 13, 1941, Ross Hofmann got a telephone call that would change a fantastic course. He was given simple days to settle his issues previously being removed from his previous life and tossed carelessly into preparing to be an Ensign in the United States Navy Supply Corps. After touching base in Boston for preparing, Hofmann's desires for blue waters and excellent dusks were squashed when he understood he was being drafted as a "dry land mariner." He and alternate enlisted people were given a thick book loaded up with principles and directions named The Supply Corps Manual. For twelve weeks, the men were addressed from this book. Whatever is left of their time was spent walking all through the grounds and investigating the city in their extra hours. Toward the finish of their preparation, the men sat tight eagerly for their assignments. Not having any desire to be entangled in an exhausting task, Hofmann and two of his companion, Jack McClure and Bud Snow, endeavored to decide their very own future. Then three moved toward the school administrator, volunteered for outside obligation, and were 

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